The curtain call is the appearance of one or more performers on stage after a performance to acknowledge the audience's applause. It appears at the ending of each episode. By season 2, it's a song that is followed by a That's Silly segment. It is sung by Annie, June, Leo and Quincy.


[Leo] (speaking) Now it's time for... the curtain call! (singing) Let's give a hand, and hear it for the team

[All] And rah-rah-rah for Rocket!

[Quincy] Come on, take a bow

[June] It's your turn now!

[Annie] Let's hear a big hand for you!

Everyone claps

[Leo] Now... pat, clap, pat, clap, pat, clap!

[June] Let's give a big cheer for the artist of the day!

Leo then says the artist of the day while the rest repeat

[Quincy] The composer of the beautiful music we played?

Once again Leo says the author of the music featured in the episode while the rest repeat

[All] Hurray!

The rest of the team repeat previous author mentioned, followed by a "Yay!" at the beginning

[Annie] (speaking) Now here comes the music of the day!

A team member announces the name of the song while the music of the day plays

[Leo] (speaking) See you on the next mission!

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