Custard's Adventures in Nihilism42:15

Custard's Adventures in Nihilism

Custard's Adventures in Nihilism (カスタードのための冒険はありません) is a Pooh's Adventure anime film created by visionary director J.W. Smith of his second and most recognized film Nihilism. Like the rest of Smith's filmography it's unscripted commentary on society. It was released to YouTube on the 23rd of June, 2017.


Somewhere in the void. Custard and Trixie talk about Pooh's Adventures and how it can be improved among other things while characters float by in the background.




  • Nihilism is John Smith's most popular film and his favorite that he's worked on.
  • The Void is the location of most J. W. Smith films.
  • The international poster contains the Japanese title for the film.
  • The stop motion for Mata Nui was done by J.W. Smith's longtime collaborator Keith Myers.

Differences from Nihilism

  • It has animation.
  • It has narration.
  • It's about Pooh's Adventure's.

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