This is how Cybertron Starscream vs. Element Wielders goes in Ryan's and Odette's Comic book adventure.

Starscream: Hello, Element Wielders.

Rainbow Dash: Who are you?

[Starscream defeats the Element Wielders and absorbs the Element of Honesty, Element of Laughter, Element of Generosity, Element of Kindness, and Element of Loyalty's powers]

[Twilight reaches for the Element of Magic, but Starscream puts his foot on her hoof, making her scream in pain]

Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Applejack, and Fluttershy: (together) Twilight!

Starscream: It's funny watching the Princess of Friendship get defeated by the King of Decepticons. [reaches for the Element of Magic] I'll be taking that wonderful crown.

[Starscream was about to touch the crown but Ryan puts it on and turns into a demon]

Starscream: What the? NNNOOOOO!!!!!

Ryan F-Freeman: Sorry, King jerk but your shopping's cancelled.

[Ryan flies to the Tower of Power]

Evil Ryan: Go, Ryan! Keep Twilight's crown safe!

Starscream: [to the Element Wielders] I have a better use for you six.

[Starscream uses a machine that squeezes all the magic out of Twilight and her friends]


[Starscream defeats Ryan and absorbs the Element of Magic's power]

Starscream: Time to Die! CYBER KEY POWER!

[Starscream's Cyber Key unlocks his cannon and sword]

Ryan F-Freeman: Give it back! [absorbs the Element of Magic's power]

Dr. Shrinky: Starscream! Shrink! [uses his powers on Starscream]

[Starscream dodges]

Starscream: You see, Ryan, when you risk nothing in the pursuit of power, you'll wind up with nothing. That's why I risk everything.

[Starscream flies away to the Atlantis]

[Ryan picks himself out of the rubble]

Ryan F-Freeman: Odette. Starscream defeated me.

Timon: Defeated? But, you're a hero. Where is Galvatron, Odette?

Odette: Timon. Ryan will get him when he's recovered.

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