DJ's Dance Party is the first episode of More Tales From Radiator Springs.


DJ's music becomes very popular with the folks in Radiator Springs, so he decides to throw a dance party at Flo's that night with laser-lights, surround sound speakers and some killer tunes.


DJ stops by Ramone's paint shop asking if the place needs a "tune up" and starts playing Life Is A Runway on his speakers, which Ramone happily dances to. He later stops by the Cozy Cone Motel and tells Sally the place could do with some funky customer attracting music, leading him to play You've Got A Friend In Me on his speakers causing Sally and Lightning McQueen to dance along with him. DJ then stops by Doc Hudson's place and asks if he needs some air, which causes him to play the son Take To The Sky on his speakers and Doc joins in with his dance. Luigi and Guido, having heard DJ's music and seen how popular it has become lately, suggest he throw a dance party. DJ agrees with the idea and know's just the place to hold it: Flo's V8 Cafe. That night, DJ performs as the party's dj and even adds laser-lighs, surround sound speakers and some killer tunes which the folks of Radiator Springs happily shake their rear bumpers to.


  • Franscesco makes a cameo in this episode.


DJ's Dance Party/Transcript

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