This is the transcript for DJ's Dance Party.

(DJ drives up to Ramone's paint shop)

DJ: Hey, Ramone. Does your place need a tune-up?

(He begins playing Life Is A Runway on his speakers and he and Ramone begin dancing)

Ramone: DJ, you sure know how to put on a show, man.

DJ: Thanks.

(He later stops by the Cozy Cone Motel)

DJ: Hey, Sal, you know, this place could do with some funky, customer attracting music.

(He starts playing You've Got A Friend In Me on his speakers and Lightning and Sally dance along)

DJ: Yeah. Alright.

(Later, he stops by Doc's place)

Doc Hudson: What's up, DJ?

DJ: You need some air, Doc?

(He plays Take To The Sky on his speakers and he and Doc start dancing)

Luigi: DJ. Your music is wonderful. You know, you should throw a dance party.

DJ: You know, you're right. And I know just where to hold it: Flo's.

Luigi: We must spread the news. Guido, spread the word.

(Guido hurries over to Lizzie's store)

Guido: Lizzie, disco fiesta de Flo's grande hoste DJ!

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