This is how D reads a comic and becomes the Dark D in The Dark D.

[Alphablock D reads a comic about his favourite superhero, called Batman (AKA the Dark Knight)]

Alphablock D: Dynamic. I wish I could be like the Dark Knight.

[Then D gets the idea]

Alphablock D: Hey! Maybe I can be.

[D goes over to the shed and starts to make a costume and then comes back out]

Alphablock D: Behold, the Dark D! Whenever there is trouble, I'll be there! If any horrified Alphabet letter cries out, I shall answer!

[B comes over]

Alphablock B: Is that you, brother?

Alphablock C: I can't believe it.

Alphablock A: I know.

Alphablock D: No. D is not here. I am the Dark D. Do you need help? I am a superhero.

Alphablock E: Well, not really.

Alphablock D: Don't despair.

Alpha block A: Oh, right then.

[D waits for night to come and when it does, he disappears]

Alphablock A: Where did he go?

Alphablock E: Probably went to look for someone to help.

Alphablock D: Definately.

[Later, at night, he goes up to the town at the building]

Alphablock E: On your left, N. On your left.

Alphablock N: Right, Right.

[Leaning over, N washes the window. Nearby, D watches at the building]

Alphablock D: Do my eyes decieve me? It looks like N's about to fall.

[N reaches for the window on his left but fell from the ladder crashed on the ground]

Alphablock N: Ouch.

Alphablock D: Never fear. I'm here to help.

Alphablock N: Nice costume, D.

Alphablock D: I know. But, do you need help?

Alphablock N: Well, I did until you made me fall from that ladder!

Alphablock D: But, I was saving the day. I'm the Dark D. I'm not about to let anyone else get hurt the way I was.

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