Majin Dabura

Majin Dabura

is a demon king who was put under Babidi's control by a spell, becoming his right-hand man and thus doing his bidding. He killed Kibito and turned Piccolo and Krillin into stone with his saliva. While he was fighting Gohan, he noticed Vegeta and his lack of compassion towards his friends, thus giving him an idea that Vegeta will become one of Babidi's Majins. Right after Majin Buu was released, Babidi turned on Dabura and Buu killed him by turning him into a giant cookie and ate him up. When Dabura was at the Earth's Check-in Station, King Yemma was originally going to place him in Hell, but he wouldn't have enjoyed it anyway since he is the demon king. So King Yemma gave him the stamp of approval and admitted him into heaven.



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