Danger Wears A Cape is a new episode created by Transformersprimefan.


When Darrington, Stripes (BatMM) and Crusher find some superhero comics, Ratchet warns them that they could cause them to pretend to be superheroes themselves. However, they don't listen and pretend to be superheroes along with Blaze (BatMM), Starla, Pickle and Zeg (with Darrington being "Daring Demolisher", Stripes being "Striped Wonder Tiger", Crusher being "Crushing Crusher", Blaze being "Balistic Blaze", Starla being "Super Starla", Pickle being "Prickled Pickle" and Zeg being "Zooming Zeg"). However, Striped Wonder Tiger, Daring Demolisher and Crushing Crusher get into trouble during a real rescue attempt, leaving Balistic Blaze, Super Starla, Prickled Pickle, Zooming Zeg and Ratchet (playing "Dualling Doctor") the only ones to save them.



  • guest star in this episode.


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