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Danny Meets Hercules is an upcoming crossover film created by CoolZDane. It will appear in the near-future.


Danny, his gang, the Berenstain Bears, Team Lightyear, Zack and Ivy, Bernard and Bianca (with Jake as a guest star) have traveled to Ancient Greece and met the legendary hero Hercules, and face their new enemy, the evil lord of the underworld, Hades (whom Darla Dimple, Raffish Ralph, Weasel McGreed, Carmen Sandiego, Warp Darkmatter, and Percival McLeach's ghost work for).


  • This could be alternate to Bloom's Adventures of Cats Don't Dance.
  • McLeach's ghost is one of the villains working for Hades.
  • Jake will make his first debut in this film.
  • Cats Don't Dance and Hercules were both released in theaters in 1997.
  • Hades could reveal to be Darla Dimple's uncle.
  • In 2000, The Aristocats, The Rescuers Down Under, and Hercules were reissued as parts of the Walt Disney Gold Classic Collection.
  • Both Cranston and Amphitryon were voiced by Hal Holbrook.