DMtHoND poster

The poster for "Danny Meets the Hunchback of Notre Dame"

Danny Meets The Hunchback of Notre Dame
is the fourth crossover created by CoolZDane. It appeared on YouTube on 6-21-2011.


Danny, Sawyer, Pudge, Wooly, Tillie, Frances, Cranston, T.W., Timothy Mouse, Jim Crow and his Crow brothers are on vacation to Notre Dame where they met a lovable bell ringer named Quasimodo. Danny and the gang join the fun at The Festival of Fools and met a lovely gyspy girl Esmeralda. He and his pals had better watch out for the evil Minister, Judge Claude Frollo. Can Danny and his friends defeat Frollo and help Quasi find the Court of Miracles? You will find out.


  • This film features the first debut of Timothy Q. Mouse and Jim Crow and his Crow brothers (from "Dumbo").
  • This film features the first debut of Darla Dimple and Max.
  • Darla Dimple and Max made a climax in the end before the battle started in the film.
  • Judge Claude Frollo had Revealed to be an old friend of Darla Dimple as a surprise on Danny when the battle begun.
  • This is the only time Danny looks at any female (besides Sawyer) with starry-eyes (this one being Esmeralda). Fortunately, he snaps out of it when Sawyer reminds him she loves him.
  • In 2010, RatiganRules originally planned to guest star Danny and Sawyer in Bloom Meets The Hunchback of Notre Dame, until he once saw that Yru17 was already planning guest starring them in this film, so RatiganRules decided to cut the two characters out of his film. However, this idea was dropped one year later when Yru17 learned that CoolZDane already made a Cats Don't Dance crossover of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, so Yru17 decided to replace Danny and Sawyer with Terk, Tantor, and Zazu.
  • This is in honor of the film's 15th anniversary.
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame was released on VHS while Cats Don't Dance was released in theaters in 1997.
  • Both The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Cats Don't Dance were released for the first time on DVD in 2002.
  • Frollo's death and Darla Dimple's defeat were seen as a flashback in Danny Gets Tangled with Rapunzel.

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