Here is how Danny and the foals wake up in Mei's care and Indominus battles against the robot dinosaurs in The Great Overwatch Adventure.

(The scene opens on the inside of Danny's blinking eye)

Princess Yuna: Is everyone alright? Rolecall. Snowdrop?

Snowdrop: Here.

Princess Yuna: Skyla?

Princess Skyla: Here.

Princess Yuna: Thomlight? Flashlight?

Thomlight Sparkle: I'm okay.

Flashlight Sparkle: Me too.

Princess Yuna: Tobyjack?

Tobyjack: Here.

Princess Yuna: Jamesity?

Jamesity: Here.

Princess Yuna: Gordon Dash?

Gordon Dash: Here.

Princess Yuna: Henryshy and Flutterward?

Henryshy and Flutterward: Here.

Danny Phantom: All the foals are here, Yuna. You don't need to do a head count.

Princess Yuna: Just making sure.

(just then, a door opens)

Danny Phantom: (sheilds his eyes) What's going on here?!

(Mei walks in with her robot companion)

Danny Phantom: Who are you?! And where are we?!

Mei: I'm Mei. I'm a climatologist for Overwatch.

(this catches their curiosity)

Danny and the foals: Overwatch?

Mei:(confused) You've never heard of Overwatch?

Danny Phantom: Not really.

(suddenly, a call comes from the computer room)

(a man named Lucio appears on the screen)

Lucio: Mei, we have a problem. Trouble in New York City. Robot dinosaurs. Destroying everything. I need backup. Good luck.

(the transmission ends)

Danny Phantom: Let's get going.

(they head for the city)

(we then see how much destruction has been done)

(Danny, Mei, and the foals arrive)

Mei: Lucio! Lucio, where are you?!

(Lucio rolls up on his rollar skates)

Lucio: I'm right here, Mei.

Danny Phantom: Where are these robo dinosaurs?

(he points to them)

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