This is how Danny vs. Kitty goes in Guys' Night Out (Danny Phantom Version).

[In the first scene of the episode, we see Danny flying up a building dodging some attacks that look like kisses. Then we see Kitty flying up the building attacking Danny]

Danny: Hey Kitty, you work alone now? Finally ditched that stupid...

[Then her shadow came out of nowhere and grabbed Danny and threw him at a bill board as if it were a sling shot]

[Danny looks at the man in the bill board]

Danny: Eh, take about Urban Blight.

[Kitty's shadow grabs Danny]

Danny: What do you want Kitty?!

Kitty: Relax Danny Relax, I'm just letting out some anger. Me and Johnny had a little fight. What do you do when you and that Ghostly Girl have a fight like that.

Danny: What?! We...We never...I-I mean.. We aren't...Look Kitty! You can go back to the Ghost Zone Willingly or I can make you go.

Kitty: Nice with that tough side dude. But don't worry, I'm going back for good.

Danny: And take your friend of darkness with you.

[The shadow growls at him and lets him go]

Kitty: See next time in the mortal world Danny. And thanks for the fight.

[Kitty and her shadow go back to the Ghost Zone and Danny zaps her Shadow. While Danny goes back home, we see Ember looking at Danny behind a water tower]

Ember: My turn.

[Ember takes a picture of Skulker out of her pocket, looks at it and crushes it]

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