Daredevil Thomas is an episode of Thomas' Tall Tales.


Thomas tells the story of the time he was a daredevil.


The story begins at Knapford where Edward, Gordon and James are resting when Thomas flies over a ramp beside them. James ask if Thomas is okay. Thomas says he's fine and says that he used to be a daredevil. James questions and Thomas says it's true. People came from all over the world to see his stunts. One time, he had to jump over a ramp with diesels. And as he was starting he just hit one diesel and ran all the way and jump. His next stunt was to be shot out of a cannon through a flaming hoop. And then flying on a plane by spinning around, and jump in the pool. And then last to jump off Muffle Mountain. Back at the present, James was surprised. He tells Thomas there's no way he could have done that but Thomas says James was there too when it happened. Back in the past, James is the one doing the stunt and not Thomas. He rocket down the ramp and jumped. In the present, James asks Thomas what happened. Thomas says he didn't make it. Thomas then says he'll see them later, and goes off with two forklifts. Leaving the engines confused.