This is the transcript for Daredevil Thomas.

(Gordon, Edward and James are resting in the yard when Thomas shoots past them on a ramp)

Thomas: Whoa!

James: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Thomas! Are you alright?

Thomas: Oh, that was nothing, James. I used to be a daredevil.

James: What?

Thomas: It's true. People came from all over the world to see my stunts.

(Cut to sometime in the past)

Crowd: Thomas! Thomas! Thomas!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, cars, trains and planes! Daredevil Thomas!

[Thomas bursts through a sign then stops at the top of a ramp and winks at Emerly and Lady, who are dressed to resemble Thomas]

Emerly and Lady: Yeah!

Edward: Get your Thomas badge right here! Two buffers for one buck!

[Thomas carefully eyes the long line of diesels ahead of him. He then backs up and hits the wall, nearly knocking his helmet off. He then zooms off]

Announcer: And there he goes!

[He leaps off the ramp and lands on the first two diesels]

Diesel: Ouch.

[He crosses over them]

Thomas: Heads up down there! Excuse me! Pardon me! Tank engine coming through! Good to see you. My bad. Hey, Bert. How's your day? Watch your cab!

[He goes over the other ramp]

Announcer: He made it!

[The crowd goes wild as Thomas poses for photos]

Percy: Thomas IS greater!

Ryan (Thomas and Friends): You're the train!

[Thomas is in a cannon]

Thomas: [narrating] I did all kinds of stunts.

Thomas: Fire!

[He's shot through a flame hoop]

Thomas: Whoa!

[Thomas is later seen on an airplane which flips upside down]

Thomas: Whoa.

[Thomas grabs it with his coupling. He then has to land in a pool]

Thomas: [narrating] I had broken nearly every part in me.

[He lands in the pool]

Thomas: [narrating] But, the biggest stunt Daredevil Thomas ever did, was jumping off Muffle Mountain.

[Cut back to the present]

James: Jumping off Muffle Mountain? No way.

Thomas: Yes way. You remember. You were there at the time.

[Cut back to the past]

James: WHAT!?!??!?

Thomas: Ready, James?

James: Ready for what!?

Thomas: Okay, then let's do it!

[James is sent flying over the mountain screaming]

[in reality]

James: Well, what happened?

Thomas: You didn't make it.

[The engines sighs]

Thomas: Well. See you later. Come on, friends. Let's go! [peep, peep]

[Two forklifts follow him]