Dark Helmet unmasked

Darth Armor/Dark Helmet


Dark Helmet is one of the main villains from Pooh's Adventures of Spaceballs. A Dark Lord of the Sith, Helmet was trained by Darth Vader in the ways of the darkness within the Force and harness it to do his bidding. Being an incompetent buffon, Helmet ended up bungling his training and was demoted by the Galactic Empire to serve under Imperial President Skroob, who was the political leader of the Imperial Senate but a figurehead to the real power of the Empire, Darth Sidious. Helmet thus served his equally moronic master in subjucating worlds to replenish their own dying planet of Spaceball. Eventually, Helmet found out about the royal family of a neighboring planet, who was prophecised to bear a son that would be the starting point towards destroying the Galactic Empire where Starkiller would fail. Helmet was thus ordered to destroy the royals, but typically, the child, Lone Star, survived and eventually became trained by the Whill Jedi Master, You-Gort, or Yogurt, in the ways of the Force's slightly less powerful subenergy field, the Schwartz. With Pooh and his friends at his side, Lone Star defeated Darth Helm-Ett, and thus by proxy, President Skroob. Darth Sidious and Darth Vader...were not pleased...

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