Dark Ryan F-Freeman is Midnight Sparkle with Ryan's body.


Dark Ryan was created when Ryan and Sci-Twi gets pulled into a ball of Magic then transform. But he is later reformed by the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts and Crash and his friends. Plus, Star Tug, Ten Cents finds the crow-winged boy useful for Ryan.

Appearance and abilities

Dark Ryan is just like Ryan and Midnight Sparkle rolled into one. His wings are a lighter shade of blue. And his cybernetics got Midnight's dress features and a tail. He has dark blue skin and a horn and fiery things around his eyes. He also considers Midnight Sparkle as his girlfriend. He can open rifts to Equestria and Cybertron and other worlds. Later, he is revealed to use hypnosis to hypnotize his opponents. And he can use his Keyblade to fight. When Thomas is needed some help. He places a parachute over him to hide from the villains. And He can lift someone into the air with his magic. And he

Relationship with Midnight Sparkle

When Dark Ryan is created, he



Dark Ryan F-Freeman

Dark Ryan F-Freeman by Transformersprimefan

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