Fed up with being picked on by the likes of Bulk and Skull, Billy decides to re-enroll in Jason's Karate class. Meanwhile Trini's Uncle Howard arrives to visit her. Howard is a scientist and also a very experienced martial artist. Howard agrees to coach Billy further with his Karate. Rita & Nyanma meanwhile are more interested in Howard's new invisibility formula and sends a squad of putties & The Time Shifter Bindi to kidnap Howard and hold him until he hands over the formula which he mislaid at the Youth Center. Billy & Nyorori heads back to tell the others what has happened and them Trini & Tart receives a message from Rita & Nyanma latest monster the Dark Warrior & The Mysterious Time Shifter Named Bindi. Our Heroes & The Rangers find Howard in a cave connected to a time bomb. Billy & Nyorori manages to disarm it and Howard is released. The Rangers then morph and head off to face the Dark Warrior & Bindi-Con. Rita & Nyanma makes the monsters & grow and the Rangers call on the Zords & Kirinda which they use to destroy it And Bringing Bindi Back To The Good Side Thanks To Bakumaru's Revealing Mirror So When She Was Back To Normal But Unconscious Bakumaru Saves Her But She Remember The Rescue Like His Old Friend Of The Land Of Time The Time Detective Merlock Holmes. Back the Youth Center Jason & Bakumaru presents Billy with their yellow belt and Howard having recovered his formula gives Bulk and Skull a lesson they'll never forget.


Kimberly: Signed The Dark Warrior And Bindi-Con

Zack: I Believe It's One Of The Time Shifters With One Of Rita & Nyanma's Monsters

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