Darksteel Smile
is a Predacon who was once controlled by Shockwave, but soon became allies to the Autobots when Unicron threatened Cybertron and is the secondary antagonist and protagonist in Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.


In Predacons Rising, Darksteel, along with Skylynx, was created by Shockwave and ambushed Smokescreen and Ultra Magnus when they first came face-to-face. They later came face-to-face with Unicron in Megatron's body and attacked him but Unicron overpowered the two Predacons and rose an army of undead Terrorcons which were actually dead Predacon remains. They were confronted by Predaking soon after. Although he ordered them to help gather the remains, Darksteel was reluctant to follow his orders. The three beasts soon got into a fight in which Predaking was the winner. Soon Darksteel agreed to follow Predaking's orders. After that, he, Skylynx and Predaking joined the Autobots to stop the Terrorcons and Unicron from reaching Primus and shortly after, they went to get their revenge on Starscream for their abuse. It is unknown that he will do the same thing in some of Transformersprimefan's future films. Darksteel along with 2 of his friends join Ryan and the team to learn about friendship and joined Matau as a bandmate of Matau and the Skylanders after Twilight and Optimus got revived.



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