They made it to Bricksburg

Ryan: Where are we?

Sora: I don't know, hey, Mickey. Do you know where we are?

Mickey: It looks like you're in Bricksburg, everything in the city is covered in Blocks.

Ryan: And the only way we can do it, it's to find the Keyhole?

Optimus: That's right, and be careful.

Sora: Got it!

They went off]

Optimus: (Narrating) Sora and Ryan meet Emmet and his friends, Bad Cop said that many blocks has covered everything in the city and he said it came from that Tower. You saw a Keyhole, went in there and defeat Lord Business.

After that Battle

Ryan: That was close.

Sora: Yeah, looks like Bricksburg is safe now.

Ryan: Yeah, Let's go.

They left Bricksburg and they are in Danville

Ryan: Another town?

Sora: Yeah, it is. Optimus, do you know what happened here?

Optimus: It's seem that all blocks has covered everything in Danville. And everyone is running away from the Heartless.

Sora: It's a good thing, we're here to stop them.

Optimus: Yes, but be careful.

They went off

Optimus: Sora and Ryan meet Phineas, Ferb and their friends. They said that they're Animal Agents gone missing from the Block. So they went off to search for them, they found all of them and they said that all the Blocks is coming from Doofensmirtz. You went to the Keyhole and defeat him.

After the Battle

Sora: That's all the blocks from this world.

Ryan: Yeah, let's go.

They went off to another world

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