Dave (Total Drama)
Dave is a contestant on Total Drama.

Due to seeing himself as one of the only "normal" people on the show, Dave can be critical of people and expects little of them. He is a logical thinker, though uptight, and his intense fear of germs contributes to him not being the most useful asset during physical challenges. Dave is easily frustrated by his teammates, believing them (with the exception of Sky and Shawn) to be crazy. Despite his pessimism, he generally means well and can be considerate of other people's feelings. His love for Sky has made him prone to anxiety over being separated or turned down by her, to the point where he slips into insanity. Dave has a tendency to be either easily motivated or easily depressed when it comes to competition and has stated that he hardly had any desire to win or have a plan for the prize money. He will reject reality if it does not suit him, such as when Sky persistently declines a relationship.

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