When two astronauts come across a strange dumpster on the moon, they accidentally release Nyanma, Rita Repulsa and her minions: Goldar, Squatt, Baboo and Finster. Rita then sets her eyes on the nearest planet: Earth. Meanwhile in mugen, Princess Aura recieves a message from Dr. Goodman from the future and telling her that the time shifters of the land of time have escaped again and they're approaching into the 20th Century. The responsable to this cause is Nyanma now is back with revenge while Pooh and the others have heard of the return of the ETO Rangers since they help against the subspace emmisary now the time shifters are in Angel Grove, California Meanwhile, at Ernie's Juice Bar in we are introduced to Jason, Billy, Kimberly, Trini, and Zack, as well as Nº.1 Jerks Of Angel Grove named Bulk and Skull, whose advances are spurred by Kimberly and Trini. Within the california desert, our heroes are at the Command Center, Aura, Zordon and Alpha are alerted of Rita's escape and Nyanma's Return and the escape of the time shifters of the land of time and teleport five "teenagers with attitude" to the Command Center. After receiving their Power Morphers with the ETO Rangers as their Zodiac Spirits, the teens reject Zordon and Aura's offer to fight the forces of evil. Rita and Nyanma then launches her attack with the Putty Patrol and the Jyarei Monsters. After being defeated, the five teens morph into the Power Rangers along with our heroes and the ETO Rangers. and take the fight with the Putties and Goldar and Gen'En to the city, where they proceed to battle a giant Goldar and Gen'En with the Megazord and Kirinda. After Goldar's retreat, the Ranger teens agree to fight Rita and Nyanma and rescuing all the time shifters and accept the three rules of being the Power Rangers.


Our Story begins On The Moon orbit

Astronaut 1: Hey, look at that

Astronaut 1: Let's go.

They Discover The Space dumpster

Astronaut 2: What do you think it is?

Astronaut 1: It looks like a giant space dumpster

Get-A-Long Appears

Astronaut 2: Let's open up

Get-A-Long: Oh no this is not good

Mysterious Voice: Not so fast you flying egg!

]Get-A-Long screams]

Jyuken: Fosilising Ray

[Get-A-Long fosilized]

Rouran: Jyuken, look!

[The space aliens are freed]

Squatt: All right! We're out!

Squatt: Rita, wake up, wake up, we're free!

[Rita appears]

Squatt: Oh no, morning breath! Lets give her a mint.

Finster: Oh, it's good to be free after 1000 years.

Baboo: Here, your evilness, let me help you. Walk with me, talk with me.

Rita: Oh, you made me step on a puddle, you NITWIT! Get out of my way Monkey-face!

Nyanma: Rita Repulsa!

Olga: Perfect.

[Rita explodes the dumpster]

Astronaut 1: Let's get out of here!

Get-A-Long dissapears

Rouran: Look! That Time Shifter is going to that planet

Rita: Ah, don't leave! You will miss going to coming out party. We just attack the next planet.

Nyanma: Now I'm With You Friend Now A Dark Alliance Is Born But First It's Time To Make A Visit From Old Friends

Nyanma Evil Cackle

Meanwhile In Mugen After Their Victory Over The Subspace Emmisary

Rabbit: So This Is Mugen

Pochiro: Yes We Can Show You In A Tour Guys

Piglet: Since You Helped Mario & The Other Fighters In Our Worlds Against Bowser Koopa & And The Subspace Emissary We Liked It

Bakumaru Appears Running Because Chocolat Is Chasing Him And Crash On Pooh And The Others

Pochiro: Now What Do You Want Bakumaru

Bakumaru: I Like To Talk To You Guys But I Gotta Run

Dave Felis: From Who?

Bakumaru Screams

Bakumaru: From Chocolat

Bakumaru Screams Like A Lady

Nyorori: Bakumaru Now Nyanma Is Gone Why You Always Have Fear Of A Simple Little Girl Nyorori

Bakumaru: You Don't Even Know Her

Chocolat: You Think You Are Going Away From Me So That Easy Eh Bakumaru

Bakumaru Screams Again

Bakumaru: I Gotta Go See You Later In The City of Aura

Bakumaru Runs

Tigger: Say It's Too Faster The Little Guy

Gaou: Because He's A Mouse Tigger It Always Had Fear Of Cats Since Nyanma And The Jyarei Monsters Begin Their Invasion On The Novel Pole It Always Have That Kind Of Fear

Chocolat Runs To Chase Bakumaru

Dave Felis: Man What A Coward Instead Of A Mouse Should Be Crowned Like The King Of All The Cowards

Tart: DAVE!

Dave Felis: Sorry!

Meanwhile In The City Of Aura, The Princess Aura Ruler Of Mugen She's Going To Recieve A Message From The Future

Aura: It's Nice And Peaceful As Always

Lydia: After All I Finished The Latest Changes On Kirinda

Hols: So Instead Of A Reporter You Are A Mechanic

Kirinda: I Recieve A Message And It Comes From The Future

Cream: He's Right It's From Dr Goodman One Of The Scientists Of The Time Police Bureau

Showing Message And Dr Goodman Appears

Goodman: Greetings Princess Aura If You See This Message All The Earth Is Going To Be In Real Danger

Aura: What Is It Doctor

Dr Goodman: It Appears Someone Has Sabotaged The Storage And Kidnapped A Group of Time Creatures Named Time Shifters

Monk: Time Shifters?

Souffle: Are A Group Of Creatures With Special Powers To Help The Old Timer In The Clock But When Someone Uses An Evil Stamp They Turn Into Horrendous Creatures Named Cons

Drago: But We Thought That Cave Boy Of Yours Named Flint And The Time Detectives Have Rescued Those Shifters And Restore The Peace In The Land of Time

Bakumaru: Of Course Flint Hammerhead And His Friends Have Save The Past From Many Dangers Of The Dark Lord Who Actually It's Just A Boy Thanks To The Magic Of The Old Timer

Hols: And Don't Mention About That Ugly Hag Of Petrafina And His Goons Dino & Mite They Are Always A Bunch Of Troublemakers

Bakumaru: For Your Information Hols Petra Was Only A Little Child From One Of The Royal Families In The Past Know As The Royal Dagmar Family

Bakumaru: And Now It's Just An Annoying Stooge Wacky Ugly Big Mouth Thief

Pochiro: Instead Of Call Herself The Interdimensional Thief May Call Her The Interdimensional Clown


Tart: Unmatures

Goodman: Don't Worry Now Petrafina Is In a maximum Security Prision

Aura: And So Who's The Responsable Of That Sabotage

Goodman: We Got Images From The Security Camera About All The Happen

Show Security Video

Nyorori: But That Face Is

Souffle: It's Impossible

Bakumaru: That's Not True

The Repsonable Reveals As Her Old Enemy From The Past


Dave Felis: An Old Enemy Of Yours

Bakumaru: The Same Responsable To Control The Jyarei Monsters In The Novel World In First Place

Chocolat: Oh No My Evil Being Is Back!

Chocolat: I'm So Scared!

Gaou: Don't Watch Chocolat

Goodman: Now Nyanma And Her Band of Horrible Creatures Know As The Jyarei Monsters Decide To Steal All The Time Shifters To Use Them For Evil Purposes To The 20th Century In A Place Named Angel Grove, California

Shows The Town Of Angel Grove

Goodman: So Do You Accept The Challenge

Bakumaru: Count Me In We Defeated Nyanma Once And Will Do It Again

Monk: Me Too

Drago: So Am I

Gaou: Im Ready For Anything

Pakaracchi: So I Am The Begin of An Adventure It's Part Of Youth

Cream: So We Are All In

Aura: Now With The Time Machine Kirinda Is Ready We Are All Going To Angel Grove Now

Aura: And The Only Thing To Do Is Need Help From A Friend Of Ours From Eltar That Is Now On Earth And He Knows Perfectly The Shifters

Meanwhile In Angel Grove

Radio: Angel Grove Radio

Radio: It's A Stupendous Saturday Morning On Angel Grove Thanks For The Kids of Angel Grove's Youth Center Gym & Juice Bar Keep Those Fruits Shakes Flowing Ernie

The Scene When They Are Chosen

Zordon: Oh A Not Believer

Aura: Look Behind The Viewing Globe Your Doubts Will Be Revealed

(they noticed On The Viewing Globe Rita Repulsa & Nyanma)

Zordon: His Name Is Rita Repulsa An Intergalactic Sorceress Who Has Been Controlling The Universe With His Henchmen The Putty Patrollers Starts To Conquering The World With The Help Of The Jyarei King Nyanma With His Own Group Of Creatures Named The Jyarei Monsters And A Group Of Time Creatures Know As The Time Shifters

(They Revealed The Time Shifters On The Viewing Globe)

Aura: Apart They Have A Cuddly Apperiance They Have Special Powers But When You Join Forces With The Shifters They Turn Into Their Master Forms The Amazing Warriors

Bakumaru: But In Evil Hands They Turn Into A Group Of Hideous Creatures Named Cons

Trini: How This Is Exactly This Is Refers To Us

Zordon: You Have Been Chosen To Be An Elite Team To Battle Rita & Nyanma And Rescuing The Shifters You Begin To Access Extrordinary Powers From The Ancient Creatures You Call Dinosaurs

Kimberly: Dinosaurs?

Bakumaru: Well This Will Refresh Your Memory

The ETO Rangers Uses His Badges To Make Appear The Power Morphers

Zordon: Behold The Keys To Your Powers

Zack: Hey What Are These?

Aura: Those Are Your Power Morphers When Is Danger Upon The Sky You Will Be Calling The Name of Your Dinosaur And You Will Be Morph Into A Formidable Fighting Force Known As The Power Rangers

Kimberly: Morph

Billy: Metamorphosis

Trini: That Means To Change

Zordon: As Power Rangers You Have Access To Universal Power And You Will Be Command A Fleet Of Formidable Fighting Machine Known As Zords

Trini: I Don't Get It

Aura: Jason Bold And Powerful Your United Spirt Will Be Bakumaru Spirit Of The Mouse You Shall Command The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord

Aura: Zachery: You Are Clever And Brave Your United Spirits Will Be Drago Spirit Of The Chinese Dragon, Pakaracchi Spirit Of The Horse, & Hols Spirit Of The Bull You Shall Command The Mastodon Dinozord

Aura: Kimberly Graceful & Smart Your United Spirits Will Be Souffle Spirit Of The Sheep, Cream Spirit Of The Rabbit, Uri Spirit Of The Boar The Pterodactyl Dinozord Will Be Yours

Aura: Billy Patient And Wise Your United Spirits Will Be Nyorori Spirit Of The Snake, And Pochiro Spirit Of The Dog You Shall Command The Powerful Triceratops Dinozord

Aura: Trini Fearless And Energize Your United Spirits Will Be Gaou Spirit Of The Tiger, Tart Spirit Of The Chicken, And Monk Spirit Of The Monkey The Saber Toothed Tiger Dinozord Will Be On Your Command

Zordon: Behold The Viewing Globe

Zordon: Just As The Five Work Together So Your Zords But When You Need Help You Shall Combine The Power Of The Dinozords And Combine Into The Mighty Megazord

Zack: Megazords, Power Morphers, Time Shifters

Zack: You Know It's Very Real But We Gotta Go

Kimberly: Yeah See Ya

Zack: Y'all Coming

Zack: JASON!

Jason: Yeah I'm Coming

Zordon: Well Good Luck And Let The Power Protect You

The Teens Exits The Command Center

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Nyanma: Zordon, Princess Aura We Are Surprised

Rita: Teenagers Eh So You Think You Can Stop Us Do You

Nyanma: Finster, Rouran Start To Hurry Up Those Putty Patrollers

Rouran: Yes Your Evil Madness We're Holding The Last Ones Now

Jyuken: Those Putties Are Going To Make Space Dust On Those Kids

Finster: And The Beauty Says If They Don't We Can Always Make More

Rouran: Now To The Monstermatic They Go 10 Seconds Should Do It

Finster: Perfectly Rouran

They Activate The Monstermatic And The Putties Appears

Rita: And Now Our Putties Prepare To Get Those Teenagers

And In The Desert

Jason: Guys We Shouldn't Have Left

Jason: I Mean They Choose Us To Save The World And The Timeline

Jason: I Say We Do It

Trini: Do You Think We Can

Zack: Hey Guys We're Not Just Talking We're Really Talking To A Giant Floating Head And A Bunch Of Talking Animals

Rita: Those Stupid Teenagers Don't Know Who Are Messing With

Nyanma: Get The Putties

Nyanma: Gen'En

Gen'En Appears

Gen'En: Yes

Rita: It's Time

Gen'En: Okay

Rita & Nyanma: TAKE THAT!

Rita & Nyanma Begins To Attack

And Gen'En & The Putty Patrollers Appears

And They Are Noticed On The Viewing Globe

Bakumaru: GEN'EN!

Gaou: It's Seems Not Only Nyanma Is Back So Are His Three Minions Of The Jyarei Leaders

Zack: Hey Who Are You

Gen'En: Im Gen'En Of The Cruelty One Of The Three Jyarei Leaders!

Gen'En: Be Prepared Kids!

They Begin To Fight The Putties & Gen'En

The Begin To Morph

Kimberly: This Day It's Too Weird

Trini: What We Do Now

Jason: Zordon And The Princess Say This Power Morphers Will Give Us Power Let's Do It

Jason: It's Morphin' Time!

The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Sabertooth Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

All: Power Rangers

Alpha: Zordon, Princess They Done It They Do The Metamorphosis

Zordon: Good Teleport Them With Pooh And The Others And The ETO Rangers To Angel Grove City Rita & Nyanma Have Send Down Goldar & Gen'En

Alpha: Right Away Zordon

Bakumaru: All Right Let's Go Everyone

All: YEAH!

Aura: We'l Leave It To You To All

They Begin To Teleport

Billy: We're Teleporting Again

Kimberly: What We're Going

Jason: We're Going To Save The World

Bakumaru: That's The Spirit

The Rangers Arrive In The City

Jason: All Right Let's Do It

Bakumaru: ATTACK!

They Begin To Fight

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: Finster, Rouran Those Stupid Putties Are Beated By A Bunch Of Pimple-Faced Dimwits! And A Bunch Of Animals They're Pathetic

Jyuken: I Got An Idea Why Don't You Make Goldar & Gen'en Bigger With Your Wand

Nyanma: Always We Have To Do It Ourselves We'll Deal With You Later

Rouran: Now We're Really In Hot Water

Rita & Nyanma: Magic Wand Make Our Goldar & Gen'En GROW!

Rita & Nyanma Launches The Wand To Make Goldar & Gen'En Grow

Bakumaru: LOOK!

Jason: Look At Them Those Dude's Are Huge

Jason: Back Off Fang Faces

Zack: The Good Guys Are Here

Billy: Get Off Our Planet

Trini: Because We're The Power Rangers

Kimberly: And We're Not Backing Down

Jason: Dinozord Power!


The ETO Badges Begins To Shoot His Lasers To Bring The Rangers' Dinozords And Kirinda

Jason: I'll Get Him. All Right!

Jason: Log On

Zack: Zack Here This Is Kickin

Billy: This Is Billy Here All Systems Go

Trini: Trini Here Ready To Rock

Kimberly: Hey Nice Stereo

Jason: Megazord Power On

They Begin To Form The Megazord In Tank Mode

Trini: Trini Here This Is Amazing I Seen To Know To Drive This Thing

Billy: Affirmative I Did Too It's Almost Like Second Nature To Me

Jason: All Right Guys Let's Go Get Them

All: Right

They Begin To Attack

Gen'En: You And Your Weapons Are No Match For Us

Jason: All Right Guys Let's See This Baby Can Do

They Begin To Fire

Bakumaru: All Right Zap Them Again

Jason: Let's Send Those 2 Back When They Came From

All: Right

All: Right

Jason: All Right Guys Let's Power It Up Activating Megazord Battle Mode

Voice: Megazord Sequence Has Been Initiaded

They Begin To Form The Megazord In Battle Mode

Voice: Megazord Activated

They Begin To Fight


The Power Sword Appears

Gen'En: This Is Not Over Will Be Back

Everyone Cheers

The Ending Scene

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: I Can't Believe It They Beat Us Back

Jyuken Begins To Slap Squatt's Face

Jyuken: This Is All Your Fault Squatt You Don't Know Anything You Big Moron

Nyanma: Goldar, Gen'En You Failed

Gen'En: We Wont Fail Again Empresses

Rita: Shut Up I Got A Headache

Nyanma: Rita I Got The Solution For Your Problem

They Reveal The Time Shifter Eggs

Rita: EGGS!

Nyanma: Those Are Not Ordinary Eggs Rita

Nyanma: See For Yourself They Have Extraordinary Powers They Are Recently From The Land Of Time

Rita: The Land Of Time?

Nyanma: Defosilising Beam!

And They Reveal The Time Shifters

Rita & Nyanma: Time Shifters

Meanwhile In The Command Center Everyone Cheers

Zordon: Congratulations For A Job Well Done

Aura: Now You Become Power Rangers You Must Follow 3 Basic Rules For Loose Or Protection Of The Power

Aura: First Never Use Your Power For Personal Gain

Aura: Second Never Ask Ilegally A Battle Unless Rita & Nyanma Forces You

Aura: And Finally Keep Your Identity A Secret No One Dosen't Know That You Are Power Ranger

Zack: Wait A Minute

Zordon: Yes Zachary

Zack: I'm Not Sure About It I We Pretty Lucky This Time

Zordon: The Luck Has Enough Of You The Fourteen Of You Have Come Together

Zordon: To Form A Fine Group of Superheroes As Ther Has Ever Been

Kimberly: No Way Really?

Aura: You've Been Through And Extraordinary Experience Together, You Need Each other Now And The World Needs You

Jason: Yeah All Right I'm in.

Zack: Me, Too

Trini: Count On Me

Billy: Affirmative

Kimberly: I Don't Know You Guys

Kimberly: I Mean The Outfits Are Cool And Everything

Kimberly: But My Hair Gets All Tangled Up Inside The Helmets

Kimberly: I Don't Think I Can Do It

Trini: Oh No Kimberly

Kimberly: NOT!

Everyone Laughs

Alpha Gets Warmed Up

Alpha: Circuit Overload, Circuit Overload

Alpha: Aiye Aiye Aiye Aiye

Kimberly: Don't Blow A Fuse I Was Just Kidding

Alpha: Oh Humor What A Concept.

Everyone Laughs

Jason: Let's Do It


Bakumaru & Friends: The Twelve Warriors Bakuretsu ETO Rangers!

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