Dazzling Songnotes of Silver is film written by Aaron Tierney.


When King Silver Song, the Siren King, sets his sights on Canterlot High School in order to make himself more powerful, The Rainbooms find themselves faceing their biggest challenge yet as they square off against him and The Dazzlings in an intense showdown of magic and music, but Sci-Twi, Sunset Shimmer, and The Human Mane 5 may need some help from an unexpected sorce to save the Human realm before all of its citizens adore the most powerful Siren of them all.


Prologue: The Dazzlings and The Siren King

In Canterlot Town, The Dazzlings are seen loitering in an alleyway when someone steps out of the shadows Adagio and her sisters manage to reconize him as King Silver Song, the Siren King and their mentor, who says he's come to help them get their powers back and get revange on the The Rainbooms and set off with him to start plotting.

The next day/Sci-Twi's new friend/King Silver Song enrolls The Dazzlings at Crystal Prep

The next day, Sci-Twi meets and befriends a local drifter named Thunderflash while taking Spike for a walk and is introduced to her friends who feel like somthing's up with Thunderflash and wonder if he can be trusted. Meanwhile at Crystal Prep, King Silver Song goes over some paperwork with Dean Cadance and sigins it off enrolling The Dazzlings at Crystal Prep Academy.

Thunderflash and Sci-Twi's romantic moment




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