Dead Cow Walking
Season 1, Episode 9b
Dead Cow Walking
Written by LegoKyle14 & Magmon47
Directed by LegoKyle14
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Here's the episode 18th from Season 1 from Winnie the Pooh Goes Back at the Barnyard. Here's a Transcript.

The Beginning

  • Pip: And some say when the moon is full or really close to full you know, like those times when you go, "Hey, look, it's a full moon" and somebody else goes, "No, man, it's not totally full. See the edge" and you're like, "Whatever, dude, I can see the whole moon
  • Otis: Pip, please.
  • Pip: Oh, right. When the moon is pretty much full you can still hear the shrieks of her helpless victims.

(The animals gasp and shudder in fear)

  • Pip: And that's why I hate veterinarians.
  • Otis: Pip, would you stop scaring them? I mean, you've never even been to the veterinarian.
  • -
  • -
  • Pip: Hey, I've never been hit by a meteor, either, but I know it hurts.
  • Pig: Well, uh, enjoy your check-ups, folks, I'll be in Guatemala.
  • Duke: Right behind you.
  • Freddy: This veterinarian madwoman will kill us all!
  • Otis: Ok, rewind. Look, I've seen the vet, she seems very nice.
  • Wanda: You guys are worse than Cosmo getting his gland all fixed.
  • Cosmo: I am not. (turns into electrical items and shock Wanda)
  • Otis: And we are having our check-ups today.
  • -
  • Freddy: Wait, wait, wait, I'm not even a farm animal.

(The doctor drives in)

  • Doctor: Hey, farmer, how are you, good, good, sure. We're both good, the both of us, sure we are, yeah.
  • The Farmer: Morning, doc, I'll go fetch Otis.
  • Otis: Guess I'm first. Check it out, guys, won't even break a sweat.
  • Pip: There goes one brave cow.
  • Tigger: Good luck Otis.
  • Doctor: Oh, aren't you a little sweetie? Ok, honey, I'm just gonna do a little looky-loo, yeah, that's all, mm-hmm. (puts on gloves)
  • Otis: Moo?

(Otis moos in horror making everyone uncomfortable and A few minutes later)

Otis: So c-c-cold. S-s-so c-c-c-cold.

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