This is how Deadpool's accident goes in My Little Pony Transformers: A New Hope.

[We see Tamatoa guarding his flowers really well, while keeping an eye on his elephant friend, Manfred]

Tamatoa: I got my eyes on you, Manfred. You're touching my flowers like you did last time.


[We see Tamatoa is entering his garden of flowers and sees his flowers are destroyed]

[He looks up and see Manfred tromping through them]

[End of flashback]

[Just as Tamatoa comes back from getting some juice]

Tamatoa: [to the camera] You like that flashback? There'll be more in future movies.

[He unwittingly steps on a spring trap]

Tamatoa: [notices the trap and looks at the camera again] Oh scrud.

[The trap activates launching Tamatoa into space]

[Manfred howls, getting the gang's attention]

[Everyone comes outside]



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