Death Egg 2
The Death Egg Mark 2 was a newer version of the previous Death Egg created years later by Dr. Eggman. While concealed as the EggDome, it served as Eggman's base of operations following the destruction of New Megaopolis and was occupied by the Iron Dominion's forces during its takeover. After Eggman resumed control, the body was made flight-worthy, and with a Chaos Emerald powering it's main reactor, the Death Egg Mk II was launched over New Mobotropolis for Operation: Clean Sweep. During phase 1, Dr. Eggman's memory loss and a massive power drain forced the Death Egg to spend most of it's time recharging. After Sonic restored reality to normal, Eggman attempted to use its main weapon to Roboticize the entire planet regardless, but Sally Acorn sabotaged the process, damaging the fortress at great personal cost. Crippled and low on power, the Death Egg retreated as it made a failed attempt to wipe out the city, terrorizing communities while it headed for a safe place to restock on fuel and supplies. It subsequently served as Eggman's mobile base as he attacked various locations on Mobius prior to firing off a second Genesis Wave.


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