Here's how the Deceptitrains' wrath and the King sends for help goes in Revenge of The Ultratron.

[Megatrain and Track-Arachins fly up onto a huge skyscraper]

Megatrain: That went well.

Track-Arachins: We lost them, master. The Train-Bots must be shielding their defenses.

Megatrain: I can't believe I relied on you, you simple insect! [steps on Track-Arachins' head]

Track-Arachins: What insect? Amongst seven billion?!

Megatrain: Shut up!

Track-Arachnis: But they could be anywhere by now.

Megatrain: Then we will force them to find them by force. It's time for the world to know of our plans, no disguise no mercy. The time has come for my master's revenge.

[as he speaks, Track-Archins fixes her arm]

[Soon Deceptitrains came down from space]

[Some hit a aircraft carrier, some hit Paris, and we see dead bodies and aircraft floating in the ocean]

[soon, we see the Ultratron on a propeller]

Ultratron: Revenge. Is mine.

[Then Megatrain hacks wires of a satellite and the Ultratron makes a message on all telecommunications]

Ultratron: Citizen's of Earth. Your leaders have held the truth, you are not alone in this universe. We have lived among you, hidden but no more, has you seen. We can destroy your cities at will. Unless you turn over this foal, [shows a picture of Nyx] and her friends, if you resist us we will destroy the world as you know it.

[With our heroes]

[our heroes arrive in an abandoned building]

Brian: I can't believe Thomas got killed!

Nyx: [sniffs] I know, but there's no need to rub it in.

Twilight: Come here. [hugs Nyx] I so sorry, [she sheds a few tears]

Shining Armor: [puts his hoof around Twilight]

[At Equinelantis a chopper brings in Thomas' body]

Optimus: [sighs in sadness] Oh Thomas.

King Solar Flare: I hope my daughters are all right.

[Then the military surround them]

Piston Spark: What's the big idea?!

Ironhide: You dare point a gun at me?! You wanna piece of me?!

Piston Spark: You wanna get rough with me?!

KIng Solar Flare: What is the meaning of this!?

Mayor West: The alliance is over! This is our war now, and we will do it as we always did!

Spiker: WHAT?! That's hoo-haw!

Sparkshot: You cannot defeat Megatrain with your troops, he and the Deceptitrains are too powerful!

Mayor West: I don't care!

King Solar Flare: There's no negotiating with them.

Mayor West: Yes, sir there is! Take that scrap metal to Diego Garcia!

King Solar Flare: No! We're not taking him anywhere, he's my daughter's close student!

Mayor West: [slaps him] Let's move.

Spiker: That damn jerk slapped the king! HEY! SLAPPING ROYALTY'S A MAJOR CRIME YOU KNOW!!!

Mayor West: Put a sock in it! [gets in a helicopter and it takes off]

Sparkshot: Ultra Track, I think we should leave this planet.

Ultra Track: No. That's not what OpThomas would want. What should we do, your highness?

King Solar Flare: Percy and a few of the others may be with my daughters and Nyx. But, we need to take action.

Spiker: But the damn military ain't gonna help us!

King Solar Flare: Right. Give me a paper and a pen. I'm gonna make contact with the one air force and 2 Force users that will help us. [writing message] "Greetings, Captain..."