They made it to Black Shadow

Falcon: Black Shadow! Give me back the Heart!

Black Shadow: So you want it back? Then come and get it!

He swallowed it and it make our Heroes faces look green making them sick

Black Shadow: (Laugh) I'll control a wide variety of heartless! Prepare yourselves for the End! Heartless, come forth!

Then Two Heartless has appeared

Black Shadow: What the?! No one disrespects me like this and lives!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Falcon: Well, I guess this proves that the Heart was a dud after.

Damemon: Well at least you tried. Im sure there is. I don't normally say this but thanks for the help.

Falcon: No big deal.

They are leaving the Dark Million and then everything is Shaking and then saw Black Shadow turning into a Giant Monster around the Dark Million

Shoutmon: Whoa! How did he get so big!

Whisper: Looks like the hesrt had a little bit of juice after all.

And then Dark oval shape around him

Falcon: It seems that Black Shadow is absorbing power through those energy Orbs. If we can take those things out, I'm sure we can beat him.

They are destroy it and they destroyed them all and then Black Shadow and the Dark Million has been vanish. Then Damemon saw the Crest of Sincerely, he aim the Xros Loader to the Sky and then he got the Crest of Sincerely on his Crest

Hours Later

Falcon: (Sigh) Jody, I should just listen to you for this.

Jody: Don't tak so hard. I'm sure the next festival will be much better and I'll actually help too.

Falcon: Thanks. And with that said, I'm afraid I have no choice but to cancel the festival. I'm sure it will be better next time around. I respect you kids. Even I consider you a friend and you're always welcome to come back. Here these used to belong to me but I'm giving it to you.

He gave Weapons and Item to Shoutmon, Gumdramon and Damemon

Falcon: Well, time for me to hit the F-Zero trail. See you next time!

They left this world

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