They made back home and find out Nobody here

Diddy: Candy? Dixie? Funky? Cranky? Tiny?

Gumdramon: Where did they go?

USApyon: I think they're in trouble, dani.

Whisper: And where would they be, whis?

Diddy: Maybe at the Jungle. We have to find them

They off to find them

Candy: Diddy!

They found Candy, Dixie and Cranky trapped in a Vines

Shoutmon: We need to get them out!

Komajiro: That Black Fruit over there, Zura.

They saw one

Jibanyan: Let's Destroy it, Nyan.

They destroying it and they got them free

Diddy: Guys, what happen?

Dixie: While you left, K. Rool just came to our town And captured everybody.

Diddy: And Dixie ran away? Where's Funky Kong and Tiny?

Candy: K. Rool has captured them and take them to the deep jungle.

Cranky: We have to go save them!

They went and they found all the People Captured from K. Rool and then K. Roboko is gonna command them to finish them off

Gumdramon: Stop!

They stop him and all the people have escape

USApyon: That's K. Rool, dani?

Diddy: Yes. And he got the Crystal Coconut. We have to stop him.

They are fighting him and an invisible Heartless named Stealth Sneak has comes out of the wall and it knock Diddy out

Komasan: Monge!

Diddy: I'm Alright.

They are fighting him and the Heartless and after that they are both defeated and a Heart has been released from Stealth Sneak

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