Ryan, Brian, Stewie and Tino have encountered Lord Scandwarf

Scandwarf: Well, well, well. If it isn't Ryan F-Freeman and his friends.

Ryan: Lord Scandwarf.

Brian: I see you're here now.

Scandrawf: Your friends knows that Ryan got Darkness in his spark.

Tino: What?

Stewie: How did you know?

Scandrawf: Ryvine Sparkle and Lord Vortech told me.

Ryan: You are going down! Down, down, down!

They are going to fight

Scandrawf: Game on!

They defeated him

Scandrawf: Ryan...

Ryan: Let's take him to Prison.

They called the Police and they arrested him and take him to Jail


Stewie: Game over.

Ryan: Now, after we got rid of him, now we could battle Lord Vortech and the villains.

Tino: Ok, Ryan.

They went off to face them on their own

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