They are going to face Sliver

Silver I promised Agunimon, Lobomon and Loweemon I'd face them? Fair and square.

Socerymon: Let's do this!

Kazemon: Boys fight with each other... It almost makes me feel jealous. Let's fight!

They are fighting him and they defeated him

Silver: Aw, no! I lost!

Henget up

Silver: I've got a long ways to go if I'm going become a hero.

Beetlemon: Someday, you will.

Then Giovanni mappeared

Giovanni: Really- it's you? Here I thought I'd drop in to see which Pokemon Trainer was next, and... Oh my goodness, it's just two boys and one girl talk about teamwork.

All: (Growl)

Silver: Giovanni!

He is angry to him

Giovanni: Excuse me. What's with that look? You ned to get yourself a makeover.

Silver: Makeover!? I'm not girl!

Kazemon: So you're Giovanni! You used Silver, and tried to cast Lobomon and the others into the darkness.

Giovanni: So I take it you're acquainted with those weak fools.

Beetlemon: They were our Friends! And we know they're triumphed over the darkness. And they're not weak.

Giovanni: Oh, really? Because I heard it different.

They look Angry

Giovanni: You see it was those fool who asked me for a little, shall we say.. instructions on how to use darkness in the first place.

Socerymon: No!

Giovanni: And they were so close for it, too. When those guys went and got cold head! Now if that ain't good. I don't know what is. But you, three... Why don't you flit over here and demonstrate some real power for the winning team?

Kazemon: We don't have the power of darkness only Loweemon is.

Giovanni: Well, that's not so polite. A "No thank you" might've sufficed. Fortunately, I still get to- well- destroy you. Rules say you face me next. And I have a whole lot of darkness... With your names on it!

He ran away

Silver: You can't run says, Giovanni!  I'm gonna get him for this. Guys. You have to avenged me, Lobomon, Agunimon and Loweemon.

Beetlemon: Don't worry, we will.

At Night

They are gonna fight and then a Giant Robot has appeared with Giovanni

Giovanni: I didn't say on-on-one.

Sliver: That's Cheating! And you're gonna get it from us!

Kazemon: Do you think it's in the rules?

Giovanni: "Rule No. 2: Combatants may call for backup!" Maybe you should called Yours.

Silver: Maybe I will!

Then Socerymon stop them

Socerymon: No, Silver!

Kazemon: We will fight them!

They are fighting them and they defeated them

Giovanni (Growl) I knew that Robot wouldn't cut it. I need a real Pokemon. Good bye!

He ran away

Next day

Silver: I really hate him. Next time. I'll put him in his place. Oh, right! Your the champion- we have to celebrate!

Kazemon::That would not be necessary.

Silver: Hmm... I know! How about one date with you, Kazemon!

Kazemon: (Blush) Wait what? Oh! You mean you wannna- no.... We have to leave right now... Because, we still have so much training to do.

Silver: Alright. And I'm still a work in progress, after all.

Beetlemon: What do you mean?

Silver: Well, what about this- I'll become a hero, then we can go on a date!

Kazemon: (Blush) Huh! No! I cannot promise you for that.

Silver: Alright! It's settled Hero-hood, here we go!

They left and then Red came

Red: Oh No. I miss the fight already? And I finished today's training with my Pokemon. Um, Kazemon? Why you're face is red?

Kazemon: What? Nothing, it's just nothing. You want to be a hero, right? Strength alone won't make you into one.

Red: I know. I know. Strength alone won't make me a true hero and a Pokemon Master. I'm starting to figured that out. I look at you, Beetlemon, Socerymon, and Sliver, and I can tell there's something more.

Socerymon: You have strength of your heart, too. Never stop trying, and one day you might just become a true hero after all.

Kazemon: Loweemon, you too. Keep on fighting with Agunimon and Lobomon.

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