They finally made it to the Whomping Tree

Harry: Looks like Draco and his Friends are working with Voldermort.

They found Draco, with Crabbe and Goyle and they are fighting them and after they have been defeated

Harry: So where is the Heart?

Draco: We took it to Voldermort.

Crabbe: And we are following orders to him.

Goyle: And he wants the Heart to control the Heartless.

Draco: And I'm afraid that you are too late for this.

Harry: We better go stop Jim.

Ace: Yeah. Let's go!

They went off to find Voldermort and they found him

Harry: Voldermort! Give me back the Heart!

Voldermort: If you can have it from my dead body. But think again, I can't die.

He put it on his Chest

Voldermort: Now! Let's see I can make some Heartless. Heartless!

Then 4 of them has appeared

Voldermort: And this time, you will now witness the true power of Voldermort!

They fighting him and they defeated him and he has been shredded into Darkness and they saw the Heart

Ace: So the Heart was a Failure after all?

Harry: Looks like it's not working. Come on, let's go back.

They are going back to Hogwarts and then something is Shaking and they saw Voldermort turned into a Tree Monster

Harry: He got so Huge! And look at all these Black Glob around him.

Hermione: There are so many of them.

Ron: I think we should destroy those, Right?

They are going to destroy all the Black Glob from Voldermort and they destroy them and Voldermort has finally defeated and they saw a Giant Symbol on the Ground, So Ace is aiming to the moon and he got the Symbol on his Sword

1 Hour Later

Harry: Ginny. I should have listened to you.

Ginny: Don't feel bad, Harry. We'll come for another plan in Hogwarts. Next Time, I'll help you together.

Harry: Well, all the Heartless are gone. I think I should cancel this Year.

Wile: Aw Man.

Harry: But, thanks for everything that you did for us. And here, Ace. Take this, Is not a Griffindor Sword. But you can have it. And this Paper.

He gave the Sword and the Mephiles Report to Ace

Ace: Thanks. But don't worry, We'll come back in Hogwarts some day.

Harry: Okay. Bye.

They left Hogwarts

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