This is how the defeat of the villains goes in Thomas and Twilight Sparkle's Adventure with Spy Kids.

Thomas: Well, the bomb's off.

Twilight Sparkle: You're going down, Chrysalis!

Queen Chrysalis: Prove it!

J. Curby Gremlin: Yeah.

James: Okay then! [charges J. Curby Gremlin and bashes him]

J. Curby Gremlin: Whoa!

Finn McMissile: [hooks onto four of the guards and then slams them into a pile]

Holley Shiftwell: [uses her wings to pick up 2 of the guards and ram them into 2 other ones.]

Hiro: Now you'll see!

Dazzlen: [Shines his bright headlights into Vladimir Trunkov's face]

Vladimir Trunkov: OH!

T.C.: Not today!

Ivan: Yaaaah!!!

Daring Do: Yee-aah!!

Rainbow Dash: Take this!

Steam Mech: Yaah! [grabs Tubbs Pacer and throws him]

Zecora: [blows purple spice dust in Tubbs Pacer's windsheild]

Shining Armor: (uses his magic)

Tubbs Pacer: [half blinded by the spice dust and magic] AAH!!

Pinkie Pie: Take that, car!

Thomas: Yeah!!!

General Dedrich: You all wanted a blast eh? I give you a blast! [deploys a shockwave bomb, which statrts beeping rapidly then it explodes, sending a shockwave out and hurls all the villains away]

Gremlin and Pacer: Whoa!!!

Queen Chrysalis: Nooooooo!!!!

Sweetie Belle: Bye, Chrysalis!

Sir Handel: That will take of them!

Sweetie Belle: Indeed!

Dusty: You said it!

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