Ryan: Now that we're all here, we've got one last monster to face.

Trent: The Phantom Virus.

Duncan: And this is the final level, so the virus won't be easy to beat. 

Bender: What's this?

He got a Magnet 

Bender: On boy! I've still got the magnet Professor Kaufman gave me.

Otto: You had that magnet with you all this time and forgot about it?

Bender:Guess I was too busy being scared.

They saw the Cyber Heroes look frozen 

Zoey:hat's wrong with cyber-Bender?

Hermes:What's going on here?

Fransworth: The cyber-gang is made of electromagnetic energy and therefore affected by the magnet. Just like the Phantom Virus.

Bender put the Magnet away

Cyber Bender: What's this about a magnet?

Doki: We have a way to beat the virus now.

Gabi: And we know he's guarding the Scooby Snacks in there. 

They went to the Video Arcade

Fry: We need your gang to stay here. 

Cyber Fry: You don't want us help to help you?

Otto: We wouldn't want you to get hurt by the magnet again. 

Cyber Otto: Magnet? What are you talking about? 

Ryan: Oh, never mind.

They went there

Cody: Wow. This is one great video arcade.

Trent: Just keep an eye open for the virus. 

Owen:  Look.

They saw the Scooby Doo Video game

Gwen:There's the Scooby-Doo video game. 

Courtney: And the Scooby Snacks! 

Owen: Oh, boy! Scooby Snacks! Yikes!

They heard the Phantom Virus a laugh

Zoidberg: Like I heard him, but I don't see him.

They saw him

Virus: Ready to play some games?

They take cover 

Ryan: Bender, the magnet!

Bender: Oh, right! 

He aim the Magnet to the Phantom Virus, but it's not working

Noah: You need to get closer! 

Bender: Like, that's easy for you to say. 

Fico: Then toss the magnet over here. 

Bender: With pleasure.

He toss it to Ryan

Ryan: Prepare to be exterminated!

He aim the Magnet to him

Zoey: It's working! Doki, Bender, Cody go get the Scooby Snack.

They are gonna get it

Ryan: Hurry, boys! I don't know how long I could hold!

Ryan lose his balance and Magnet is gone

Sierra: Oh, no!

Virus: Oh, tough break. 

Then the Wires got Ryan

All: Ryan!

They take cover from the Virus 

Virus:  If you thought my hitting was good... ...wait till you see my pitching.

Luffy dodge the Attack

Luffy: What do we do now?


Cyber Nami: Looks like they're in trouble! 

Cyber Fry: Like, we've gotta do something.

Cyber Ryan:Right! Let's go help them.

Cyber Cody Oh, no! They're back!

They saw the Villains coming

All::Oh, no!

They run away from them, and even though Cyber Doki, Bender and Cody is missing and they appeared in front of Ryan 

Ryan: Cody, Bender? Doki?

They noticed that Doki, Bender and Cody is over there

Ryan: Cyber Doki, Bender and Cody.

Three: That's right!

They tried to get his leg free

Ryan: It's no use. We need some wire cutters. 

Ryan need a Idea

Ryan: I got an idea. Want to help? 

Both: Okay.

Ryan: Great. Here's the plan.

So Cyber Doki, Bender and Cody are going to distract the Virus, while Doki, Bender and Cody get the Scooby Snack

Gwen: Over here. What are you doing, you two?

Sanji: Doki, Bender, Cody, get back here!

Virus: You're down to your final out.

Robin: I've never seen those three so brave.

Zoro: Oh, I get it! That's Cyber-Doki, Bender and Cody.

Duncan: And that's old Doki, Bender and Cody going for the snacks.

Virus: Meddling fools!

The Wires caught Cyber Doki, Bender and Cody

Sci-Ryan: Yikes! Help!

Then Doki, Cody and Bender got the Scooby Snack and the Phantom Virus is gone

Ryan: Alright, boys! You did it! You beat the Phantom Virus.

They heading back to the Cyber Heroes

Cyber Ryan: Great job, guys!

Ryan: It looks like we're leaving.

Cyber Ryan: Are you sure you want to split?

Cyber Owen: There's a lot of cyber-buffets to try.

Owen: Yeah! Okay!

Robin: Sorry, but we have to go.

Nami: I guess this is goodbye. 

All: Bye!

Trent: Thanks for all the help!

Cyber Bender: Bye, Bender.

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