This is how our Heroes defeated Kaos in Ryan's Quest.

[Cody is running after that battle]

Cody: Why? It was mine?

??: The heart that is strong and true shall win the Keyblade.

He sees a cloaked figure emerging from the darkness covered in an unearthly glow

Cody: What? You’re saying my heart’s weaker than his?

Cody glares at it in defiance

?????: For that instant, it was.

Cody’s eyes widen and he shakes his head, staring at the floor

?????: However, you can become stronger.

The figure walks closer to him, the X on its chest nearly visible

?????: You showed no fear in stepping through the door to darkness. It held no terror for you. Plunge deeper into the darkness, and your heart will grow even stronger.

Cody: What should I do?

?????: It’s really quite simple. Open yourself to the darkness. That is all. Let your heart, your being become darkness itself

Minutes Later

Cody went to see Kaos

Ansem/Cody: So, I see the path has emerged at last.

Kaos: Yes, the Keyhole to the Darkness.

Ansem/Cody: Unlock it and the Heartless will overrun this world.

Kaos: What do I care for that? The Darkness holds no power over me. Rather, I will use it power to rule all world.

Ansem/Cody: Such Confidence.

He summon a Keyblade

Kaos: Wow! Huh? Wait a Minute! This Princesses of hearts are all here. It must be her.

They look at Meg

Ansem/Cody: Without her heart, she will never be able to release her power.

Then they heard the Noise

Kaos: Looks like they are here now. I'll deal with with them myself, stay here til I get back.

He left

Our Heroes saw Kaos

Kaos: I think that you are too late, any moment now the final Keyhole will be unseal and this world will be plunged into Darkness, it is unstoppable.

Ryan: We'll stop it! After coming this far, there's no way we're gonna let that happen!

Kaos: Oh, really? You think you could defeat me? We'll, how about this!

They are fighting him and they defeated him and he went to the Portal, they follow him, Cody appeared

Ansem/Cody: Do you need some help?

Ryan: Cody!

Evil Ryan: Is that a-?

Ansem/Cody: Yes. A Keyblade, unlike yours, this Keyblade holds the power to unlock people's heart. Allow me to demonstrate.

He stab Kaos chest

Ansem/Cody: Behold!

Kaos: OUCH!!!

Ansem/Cody: Now, open your heart, surrounded to the Darkness! Become Darkness itself!

Then he vanish and then Kaos is glowing

Kaos: I can feel it. This power is awesome! Darkness! THE REAL DARKNESS!!!!!

[He become a Monster, they are fighting him and they defeated him and then Cody appeared]

Ansem/Cody: How ironic. He was just another puppet after all.

Sci-Ryan: A puppet?

Ansem/Cody: The Heartless were using Kaos from the Beginning. He failed to noticed the darkness in his heart eating away from him. A fitting end for such a fool.

He disappeared

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