They saw X-PO damaged, lying on the Ground.

Wyldstyle: X-PO!

Emmet: You okay?

Gandalf: What have they done to you?

X-PO: I guess not everyone love my carefree approach toward protecting the universe. Sorry, I couldn't save your- But I programmed the gateway. You must stop the Tri. I think this is the end for me guys. Batman, Ryan... Or... Ansem... try not to blame yourself. I cannot--

Wyldstyle: No!

Gandalf: What do we do?!

Batman: We save our worlds. And get our friends back.

Wyldstyle: Yeah! And then we kick Vortech's butt!

Crash: I am so ready to kick his Butt!

They jumped into the Portal. Then they are in the Octan Tower

Batman: This isn't Gothem.

Gandalf: Nor is it Middle-Earth. Useless they've redecorated

Crash: So, where are we exactly?

Wyldstyle: It's the Octan Tower. Except Gravity's all wrong.

Bad Cop: That's where Lord Business is.

Ryan: You're right. This is the Octan Tower that Emmet sacrifice himself.

Emmet: Yup. I did that to save the Masterbuilders.

Benny the Spaceman: Gravity's all wrong?! I think I would've noticed something like that!

Then a Portal just sucked Benny up

Benny the Spaceman: Whoa!

Cody: Oh No! Benny!

Ryan: Don't worry, Cody. He'll be fine.

Matau(in Sheen's voice) Oh, gee. You think!

Bertram: (in Carl's voice) What is your first clue?

Wyldstyle: As I was saying... We should be falling towards that..(points to the Vortex called the Infinite Abyss of Nothingness) I mean I'm glad we're not.

Ryan: We have to save our Friends.

Batman: The Tri's already altering this dimension. Come on.

Then tri appeared

The Tri: We control the Elements. We control all the Gateways.

Wyldstyle: It's triggered a Keystone? What other powers has Vortech given it?


Gandalf: This hybird has powers similar to those we have acquired. It is very Dangerous.

Wyldstyle: I wonder how President Business feels about this. I hope he's upset!

Bad Cop: I think he'll be Angry.

Cody: How long can we save our Friends?

Ryan: Be Patient, brother.

The Tri: As you can see nothing can stop us. Lord Vortech's one, true dimension will be a reality.

They got sucked into the Portal and they ended up in Middle Earth

Gandalf: These Orc forges are below Isengard... I will not allow Middle-Earth to be destroyed!

Homer: Right, Gandalf. I won't allow Springfield to suffer the same fate.

Marge: You're right, Homer.

Lisa: Everybody is counting on us.

Bart: Mum. Keep Maggie safe.

Marge: Ok, Bart.

Owen Grady: Hope Jurrasic World is Alright?

Cragger: I hope so, Owen. So is Chima.

Owen Grady: May I ask- did Ingen cook you up in one of their labs?

Cragger: (Groans)

Ryan: Cragger, now's not the time for chit-chat. Now's the time to stop the Tri!

Cody: How we suppose to get all the way to the tower where the Tri is?

Owen: We'll make a ladder to go all the way to the Tower.

Ryan: Maybe we should use the Bridge over there.

He is going to walk the Bridge, but Jake stop him

Jake: (in Vinnie's voice) Wait!

Then Jake checks it's safe to cross then saw a Chicken go pass

Jake: (in Vinnie's Voice) Okay, now you can go.

And then they saw a Chicken climbing up on a ladder

Cody: So... Can you go to the Bridge to the Tower?

They saw the Bridge and then it got destroyed

Bad Cop: Darn, darn, darn, Darny-darn!

They are climbing up the Ladder and they saw the Tri

The Tri: Sorry... no admission.

Gandalf: Something lies within the Tower of Orthanc it wishes to remain hidden.

The Tri: You shall not pass!

Gandalf: It's one thing to deny entry but quite another to steal a man's words!

They went to the Portal and they're in Gotham City and they saw their own Dimensions

Sci-Ryan: Oh no! Crystal Prep!

Odette: My home!

Homer: Springfield!

Laval: Chima!

Emmet: Bricksburg!

Then, the Tri came out of the Portal and started to Fight.

The Tri: This is it! Your dimensions are becoming one. Lord Vortech will reign supreme. You are already too late. My work has been done.

Gandalf: I shall banish you to the Fiery depths!

Wyldstyle: Get ready! It's Fisticuffs Friday!

They use their vehicles and hits the Tri

Wyldstyle: Metalbeard? Come on Metalbeard I know you can hear me. We need your help!

Laval: Dad! Come on, I know you're in there!

They are using their Vehicles and they ram at the Tri

Emmet: There's a hole!

Cody: Let's go inside!

They go inside and saw Dorothy, Metalbeard

Emmet: Metalbeard!

Adagio: Dorothy!

Gandalf: I would conclude that this is Metalbeard. Can we free them, somehow?

They are using the Keystone and freed Metalbeard, Dorothy and Dorami

Metalbeard: Aar! Ye did it! But, ye've gotta free the others - being trapped inside this thing is... Arr...

Then a Portal just sucked Metalbeard and Dorothy

X-PO: Automated recovery rift established. Please enter, and keep all arms, legs and wizard hats inside the rift at all times.

Sonata: Keep them safe, X-PO!

Thomas: Let's go save the Others!

They get off the Tri

The Tri: NOO!! I am only a fraction of Lord Vortech's power. He shall rule over everything.

unset Shimmer: Now then, we have to save Frodo.

They are headed inside the Tri again and saw Frodo, Lagravis and Claire

Gandalf: Frodo! My lad, I found you, after so many hardships.

Laval: Dad!

Owen Grady: Claire!

Bad Cop: Oh. It's the perfect cover.

Finn: Let's use the Keystone.

Jake: Good idea.

They uses the Keystone and frees Frodo, Lagravis and Claire

Claire: Thank you, Owen. (kisses Owen)

Owen Grady: You're welcome, Claire.

Lagravis: Thank you, my Son.

Laval: Get into a rift to safety, Dad.

Frodo, Claire and Lagravis got sucked into the Portal

Batman: You're free you three. Free and Safe.

They get off the Tri

The Tri: Arr! You can't free them from my bonds!

Ryan: Now to get Robin

They ride inside the Tri and they see Robin

Alvin: So he is Robin.

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