Here is how Defending the Valley, An Alliance at Berk and The Foals Escaped goes in Yuna and the Three Kingdoms.

At the Valley.

Hiccup: Alright, Bud. You ready?

Toothless: (nods)

Hiccup: Good.

So, The Vikings fought off as many Goblins, Orcs and Uruks they can fight until the battle won.

Goblin Commander: Retreat!!!

The Goblins, Orcs and Uruks retreated!

After defending the Valley.

Casey Jr.: (whistles) Hello, Everyone!

Jeffery Dragonheart: Hello, guys. Great to see you.

Emerl: What's going on?

Princess Luna: A great evil is upon us!

Princess Celestia: Yes, Chernabog's forces has begun their attack and use Jafar and the others to destroy all that stands in their way.

Emma: It's true!

Hiccup: Are you serious?

King Solar Flare: Well, Chernabog won't stop until he controls everything.

Casey Jr.: This is a bad thing. Right?

Human Twilight Sparkle: I'm afraid so.

Jaden Yuki: It can't be true!

Nails the Spider: Wait a minute here!

The Mask: You mean to tell us that Princess Yuna is going to Armageddor to destroy some sort of amulet?

Berkeley Beetles: That doesn't sound good.

Princess Luna: (crying when she misses Yuna a lot) Oh, Yuna! Where could you be?

Jeffery Dragonheart: What's wrong with her?

Hiro: She just doesn't want anything bad happen to her.

Princess Luna: (crying then calms down) I hope she's alright.

Human Rarity: As do I.

Princess Sharon: We can't give up hope. Yuna never gave up hope at all.

Princess Celestia: You're right, Sharon. We must keep our hopes up for Yuna.

Duck: And never give up on her.

King Solar Flare: Let's go! We must gather Po, Shifu, The Furious Five, Cheng Ru, Storming Ox and Croc.

With the rest of the Fellowship.

Shrek: Come on! We're gaining on them!

Prince Derek: You heard Shrek! Let's go!

That night, The Goblins stopped to make camp.

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Guys? Do you think we've made a mistake leaving Yuna alone with Snowdrop, Skyla and Twila?

Nyx: Yes.

Daffodil: How're we gotta get out of here?

Prince Edmond: I have a plan.

Pound Cake: THE PAIN! OH THE PAIN!!!!!!!

Pumpkin Cake: I CAN'T FEEL MY STOMACH!!!!!!!!!!

Nyx: (blasted them with her magic)

Goblin Leader: They're getting away! Get them!

Eliza: Run for it!

As the foals ran through the forest.

Roger: Now which way?

Prince Edmond: I don't know.

Shoe: Psst.

Nyx: Look!

Stary: It's the BoxTrolls!

Sparky: Shh.

Golden Apple: What're y'all taken us?

Fish: This way!

Princess Lilly Sparkle Rose: Come on!

Nyx: What is that glow coming from?

The BoxTrolls took the foals to a very familiar Unicorn wizard.

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