Designated Driver is an episode of Thomas' Adventures of Thunderbirds Are Go ( 2015 TV Series)


Thomas brings Skarloey and Duncan to Penelope's mansion, where Parker gives Alan driving lessons at the Creighton-Ward estate in FAB 0, the car in which Parker had taught the other brothers, while Lady Penelope has tea with her Great Aunt Sylvia. Progress is slow until a pair of bumbling intruders attempt to kidnap the ladies in FAB 1. A chaotic chase involving the two cars, and Skarloey and Duncan ensues round the estate with Alan at the wheel, as Parker has broken his arm earlier in Alan's lesson. When the vehicles take to the air, Alan has the advantage until FAB 0 runs out of petrol, and, to Duncan's surprise, a teapot is needed to save the situation.


[Alan's room, Tracy Island]

Thomas: Hi, Alan.

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