Here's how desroying the droid quartet and making amends go in The Beginning of the Chronicles II

[we return to the droid ship]

Sith Droid #1: Now we finally got you!

[the ship then flies into the factory]

Spongebob: They went in that factory!

Blackie: So that's how they were easily hidden.

[Then soon they reach an entrance and head inside]

Spongebob; Stay here, Spud.

Blackie: We'll call you and Skiff if we need help.

Spud: Spud's on the job.

Blackie: You gotta stop saying that.

[they go inside and take out their handguns]

Spongebob: [whispering] Nyx?

Blackie: [whispering] Nyx.

[Meanwhile, the others have gone onto another line and are still searching]

Thomas: Where are they?

Twilight: I don't know.

Vinnie Terrio: I hope we find them, now that the droids have Nyx, they might eat her!

Zoe Trent: They're robots Vinnie, not canabals!

Vinnie Terrio: Oh. Right.

[back at the factory]

Blackie: [whispering] Nyx!

Spongebob: [whispering] Nyx?


[we see Nyx strapped to one of the walls]

Sith droid #1: Now, we finally have you!

Sith Droid #2: We've been searching for you for a long time.


Sith Droid #1: Join the Sith? We don't wanna make you join us.

Sith Droid #4: What he said, we're gonna make you pay for klilling our master.


Sith Droid #3: And once we've finished with you, we can unlease our new army!

[we then see the army being built]

Nyx: [gasps]

Sith Droid #4: Soon our army will be complete and then our master's plans that once failed will be brought back to life!

[as he speaks, Spongebob and Blackie watch from behind some crates and barrels]

Sith Droid #1: But first, we will do away with the one thing that ruined his plans! Men, line up!

[several droids armed with blasters line up and point at Nyx]

Sith Droid #1: Don't shoot till I say so!

Blackie: A new army? So that's what those tincans are up to.

Spongebob: We gotta destroy them before they try to take over again, but we can't do it without the others. How do we contact them?

Blackie: [notices an electrical control panel] I have an idea. [he sneaks over to it and starts flicking the switches]

Spongebob: What are you doing?

Blackie: This is an old factory right, and any factory has to have neon lights. [continues flicking the switches]

Spongebob: Good idea.


[we still see the others searching, and then the factory's neon lights switch on]

Twilight: Huh?

Dusty: Wait, that factory hasn't run for years.

Thomas: They're at the factory!

Twilight: We're coming, Nyx!

[they then race for the factory as Dusty flies in lower and then they're heading straight for wooden loading doors!]

Penny Ling: Oh no! We're gonna crash!!

Dusty: Not yet! [flies ahead of them and closes his wings and then cuts a hole through the wooden doors]

Pepper Clark: That was close!

Vinnie Terrio: Metal doors! [points to some ahead]

Dusty: [closes his wings and cut a hole through them]

Sunil Nevla: That was a closer one!

Minka Mark: BRICK WALL!! [points to one]

Dusty: [begins to close his wings but is a little late and as he cuts a hole through it, he wings get clipped by the wall] Whoops! Gonna have to get that fixed!

[we now see they're heading for the droids]

Droid: What in the?!

Droid 2: What?

Thomas: ATTACK!!! [fires his gatling guns]

[several droids are shot down]

[Percy then stop and everyone hop out of the truvks and deploy their lightsabers and blasters]

Droid #1:" What is this?!

Droid #2: HOW'D THEY FIND US?!


[all droids start firing]

Blackie: Help the others, I'll free Nyx!

Spongebob: You got it! [activates his lightsaber and joins the battle]

Blackie: [jumps down to Nyx]

Nyx: Blackie?!

Blackie: Hang on, I'll have you off in a jiffy! [takes out his butterfly knife and then cuts Nyx free]

Nyx: I knew you would come!

Blackie: Are yoiu kiddin'? I'd never leave anyone hangin'!

Nyx: [activates her lightsaber] Now to put an end to this madness! [runs off]

[Blackie then activates his own and races into the battle]

[several of the dropids are destroyed]

Sith Droid #1: Send in the elite droids!

[Elite droids sent out]

Spongebob; [as Johnathan] Oh, boy.

[the Elite droids start firing]

Squidward: Look out!

[they then duck as they fire]

Nyx: [jumps out and starts destroying them]

Rainbow: Well, what are we standing here for? Let's get them! [joins in destroying them]

[soon the others start destroying the elite droids]

Sith Droid #3: NOOO!!!

Sith Droids #2: Our precious army!!!

[as they continue to destroy the army as Nyx goes to face the four droids]

Nyx: You four have brought enough troble for us, now you're gonna get it!

Sith Droid #1: Is that so?!

Sith Droid #2: Bring it on!

[the four then draw red assasin lightsabers]

[they all clash their sabers]

[they clash their sabers in different angles]

Nyx: [straining]

Sith Droid #4: What's the matter, Nyx? Tired?

Sith Droid #1: Strike us down!

Nyx: No!

[she then swings her saber and cuts one of them]

Sith Droid #3: AAAH!!!

[then Nyx destroys one of the Sith Droids and then throws it's lightsaber into another]

Nyx: [force pulls it back]

[Nyx then goes to a higher point and sees the main reactors]

Nyx: There they are!

[she then goes to them and begins to destroy them but then gunshots!]

[then ahearty luaghter is heard]

Sailor John: Did you really think I'd let you go that easy?

Nyx: Sailor John.

Sailor John: Your sword please?

Nyx: [deactivates in deploys it away] Not yet.

Sailor John: Fine! [Force grabs one of the red assaisn lightsabers and activates it]

Nyx: [reactivates her's]

[Soon the 2 clash their sabers at 2 different angles]

[they then clash once and then force push against each other, sneding them both flying back]

Nyx: Oof!!

Sailor John: Gah!

[they then Force leap back and continue clashing their sabers]

Nyx: [jumps back and starts firing beams of magic at Sailor John]

Sailor John: [deflects them]

[they continue clashing their sabers]

[the duel continues till they reach a state mate]

Sailor John: Well, I uess we're even.

Nyx: Yeah.

Sailor John: Why don't we just make a pact?

Nyx: A Pact?

Sailor John: Yes.

Nyx: Go on.

Sailor John: I can make your life a very good one, better than what you have. And together we can rule the 7 seas as 2 of the most ruthless pirates ever! Filiging and ploundering! All you have to do is take my hand. What do you say?

Nyx: [thinks for a moment]

Sailor John: Well?

Nyx: Never! I'll never join your side. For I am a Jedi, Twilight and my friends.

Sailor John: Then so be it, Jedi! [he then takes out his lupara] You'll make a fine addition to many of the treasures I've gotten over the years!

Twilight: [teleports behind John and activates her saber] NOOOOOO!!!!

[Twilight then charges forward]

Sailor John: [activates his lightsaber]

[they clash their sabers at different angles]

[but then John force Pushes Twilight and then cuts off her tail!]

Twilight: Ah!

[then he kicks her in the stomach several times]

Nyx: [gasps] (she then uses the force to grab Twilight's pistol)

Sailor John: Sorry to end it like this, but I will treasure the good time we had! [lifts his saber and is about to stab Twilight]

Nyx: [fires at John's legs]

Sailor John: Ah!

Nyx: [fires 2 more times and then Force pushes John over the edge]

Sailor John: Whoa!

[he falls down and hits the ground]

Nyx: [looks over the side and John dosen't move] It's finally over. [she then falls to ground and weeps]

Twilight: Nyx, are you alright?

Nyx: Yes, I'm just glad that all this evil is finally over! [continues crying]

Twilight: [embraces her] Shhhh... [starts rubbing her back]

Nyx: [buries her face in Twi's chest and continues crying]

Twilight: It's okay. You're safe now. Things are better. Shhhh...

Nyx: [wipes a tear]

Twilight: Let's get back to the castle now.

Nyx: Okay.

Twilight: [kisses Nyx]

[they then return to castle, along with Skiff]

Princess Celestia: So, there were some other droids and an evil pirate involved in those 2 attacks, you say?

Blackie: Yes. It's just how I explained.

Skiff: Please, you majesties, I swear I didn't want any part of it, but Sailor John forced me to do it! I never wanted to hurt Nyx!

Princess Luna: We understand Skiff.

Princess Celestia: And since you helped in stopping those droids, no charges will be put against you.

Skiff: Yes, m'am.

Pepper Clark: So, what is to become of Skiff since his old owner is. well... gone?

Barret Barricade: I don't know yet, but we'll figure out something.

Skiff: [gulps]

Shining Armor: [has a look of remorse, he then goes to find Nyx and Twilight]

Cadance: Where are you going?

Shining Armor: To fix something, I caused. [leaves to go find Nyx and twilight]

[soon he finds Nyx and Twilight in the snow]

Shining Armor: Nyx? Twily?

[The said ponies then look at him]

Twilight: What do you want?

Shining Armor: (sighs) I was wrong about Nyx. And it wasn't right for me to say all those things about Nyx.

Nyx: You really mean that?

Shining Armor: Yes, I really do. And I'm very sorry.

Nyx: I forgive you.

Shining Armor: Thanks.

[the 2 hug]

Twilight: [smiles seeing her brother and Nyx make up]

[then they head back inside but as Shining Armor passes Cadance, Cadance is looking at him with a glare.]

Shining Armor: What?

Cadance: [doesn't say anything and walks away]

Twilight: Come on, we should turn in for the night, Christmas is tommrow.

Nyx: Do you think Cadance and Shining will make up soon?

Twilight: I don't know.

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