This is how Destroying the Pillar and Megatron's Death goes in My Little Pony Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

[We see Sunset confronting Chrysalis with a club]

Queen Chrysalis: Do you think you're some kind of hero? Huh?! Do you?!

Sunset Shimmer: No. I'm just the messenger.

[She gives a war cry and slams the club at Chrysalis, stunning her then pushes her into the Pillar]

[Chrysalis then is shocked and killed]

PHOENIX Soldier: Pillar's still connected

Roadbuster: Rip that pillar apart!

[They start to fire while Bee destroys it]

[Cybertron stops and is destroyed]

[Megatron then turns to Optimus and Twilight]

Megatron: Now, we need a truce. All I wanted was to be back in charge. Besides, who would you be without me, Prime and Twilight?

Optimus Prime: Time to find out.

Twilight Sparkle: Once and for all.

[They get into a brief fight and kill Megatron by ripping off his head]

[They then turn to Sentinel]

Sentinel Prime: Optimus, Twilight. All I ever wanted...was the survival of our race. You must see why I had to betray you.

Optimus Prime: You didn't betray us. You betrayed yourself.

Twilight Sparkle: You betrayed everything you believed in.

[They charge up their weapons and aim at him]

Sentinel Prime: No, Optimus and Twilight!

[They fire twice, killing him]

[Optimus and Twilight look around to see the battle is won]

[Everyone looks at them as the Autobots drive up while Nighlock and Sombra bring a bionic wing that looks realistic]

Nighlock: We found time to make this, Twi. [puts the bionic wing on her right side]

[Twilight tests the bionic wing and sees it works]

Twilight Sparkle: Thanks.

[Human Flash Sentry comes over to Sunset]

Flash Sentry: I love you.

Sunset Shimmer: I love you too.

[Bumblebee then drops some rings]

Sunset Shimmer: Rings?

[Bumblebee then plays wedding music]

Sunset Shimmer: Well, this is embarrassing.

Rarity: Take it slow with them, Bee.

Bumblebee: I'm just trying to help out.

Ratchet: You fought bravely.

[Optimus and Twilight look onwards]

Optimus Prime: (narrating) In any war, there are calms between the storms. There will be days when we lose faith. Days when our allies turn against us... but the day will never come when we forsake this planet and its Equines.

[Iridescent by Linkin Park plays]