This is where the control pillar is destroyed in Wrath of the Century.

[We see Sam]

Sam; Dylan!

Dylan Gould: [points a Glock 17 at Sam]

Sam: You can't do this!

Dylan Gould: There's only one future for me. [paper gets in his face]

[the 2 get into a quarrel and then Dylan activates the control pillar again]

[Cybertron resumes to be brought down to Earth]

[Dylan starts kicking Sam]

Dylan Gould: You choose sides! You choose wrong!

[the rest of the team battle the peck of the Droid army]

Bertie: [slices them]

Terrence: [slashes them]

[Sam then confronts Dylan again but now holding a club]

Dylan Gould: I just saved a whole other world. You think you're a hero? Huh? YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO?!

Sam: No, I'm just a messager. YAH!!!! [hits Dylan with the club]

[Dylan falls into the pillar and is electrocuted]

Ratchet: [shoots the pillar]

Spongebob: Destroy that pillar!

[then Bumblebee jumps up and destroys the control pillar. As that happens all the droids shut down and became slower and then they stopped completely. As Cybertron is repelled back]

[Everyone at the battle cheers]

[back with Thomas, Sentinel, and Optimus]

Sentinel: Optimus, all I wanted was the survival of our race. You must see why, I had to betray you.

Percy: [picks up Thomas' shotgun]

Thomas: You're wrong, Sentinel. You didn't betray Optimus.

Percy: You betrayed yourself. [Aims]

Sentinel: NOO!!!

[but he is shot and then killed]

Thomas: [helps Optimus back up]

Percy: The deed is done.

[Thomas then fixes Optimus' arm]

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