This is how Destruction of Autobot Outpost Omega One goes in Darkest Hour.

Optimus Prime: Ratchet, prepare to bridge everyone out of here.

Ratchet: We're abandoning the base?

Optimus Prime: The base is lost. Wheeljack, Starlight, Trixie, Thorax, and Discord will only buy us time to escape. Bumblebee, Rarity, you will departure first.

Bumblebee: [beeps] (translation: Yes!)

Rarity: You're splitting us up?

Rainbow Dash: Shouldn't we stick together?

Applejack: All for one and one for all?

Optimus Prime: We must disperse to avoid capture until we can regroup and launch a counterattack. Survival is our only priority now.

[The ponies look at each other]

[They nod and watch as the Nemesis flies over to Autobot Outpost Omega One. Megatron walks over to the front and grins]

[Bumblebee and Rarity leave, Bulkhead and Applejack and Arcee and Rainbow Dash go through, leaving Causeway, Smokescreen, Pinkie Pie, Ratchet, Fluttershy, Optimus Prime, and Twilight Sparkle


Starscream: You're scrap.

[Starscream launches two missiles at the Jackhammer and it crashes]

Starscream: And that's how you wreck a Wrecker!

[Smokescreen and Pinkie Pie salute before Smokescreen transforms and lets Pinkie Pie inside him and drives into the Groundbridge]


Ratchet: [to Optimus and Twilight] What about you?

Fluttershy: We're gonna miss you guys.

Optimus Prime: We will ensure that the Decepticons cannot follow.

Twilight Sparkle: It's the only way

[Ratchet and Fluttershy walk to the Groundbridge]

Ratchet: I never imagined it would end like this.

Fluttershy: I know, Ratchet. But we've all gotta accept our friends' decision, no matter whether it is risky or not.

[Ratchet and Fluttershy walk into the Groundbridge]

Optimus Prime: Neither did I, old friend.

Twilight Sparkle: Bye, Flutteshy.

[Optimus and Twilight look at the Groundbridge controls and a gun opens up underneath the Nemesis and warms up. Back inside Autobot Outpost Omega One, Optimus Prime grabs the Star Saber and Twilight powers up her magic and destroy the Groundbridge controls as the gun fires on Autobot Outpost Omega One. As the smoke clears, all that's left is a metal heap of scrap]

Starlight Glimmer: Oh, no!

Trixie: Twilight!

Thorax: Optimus!

Discord: No!

[Megatron and Starscream fly down and transform]

Starscream: This is the place alright.

Megatron: This was the place.

Starscream: United we stand. Divided they fall.

[All that's left is half of Twilight's horn and Optimus' arm]

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