The original villain of the show, Devimon sought to rule all of File Island. He attempted to gain control of good digimon through the use of Black Gears. Once these gears found their way through a Digimon's exterior, they would disrupt their normal programming and make them turn evil. He is a tall, dark creature with tattery wings and long hands. With his Touch of Evil, he can totally control any being. Devimon swore to rid the world of the DigiDestined, his only threat, and take over the entire Digital World. After taking control of Leomon, he reigned his power over the Digital World. Destroying villages and conrolling digimon.He employed Ogremon in his services and Leomon by controlling him through a Black Gear. The kids eventually defeated him when Patamon Digivolved to Angemon in Episode 13: The Legend of the DigiDestined

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