Devin Static

Devin is a contestant on Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. His teammate is his best friend Carrie (Total Drama).


Being best of friends since childhood, Devin is very close to Carrie and sees her nothing but a friend while being oblivious to her feelings towards him. Devin already had a girlfriend named Shelley, whom he occasionally mentioned throughout the Race. After discovering that Shelley had dumped him, Devin became heart broken and begin to lose his mind. For the next few episodes, Devin undergoes whatSpud describe as the "Seven stages of heartbreak" where he is initially in denial or rejects the break up before suffering from mood swings and become easily agitated. After undergoing these stages, Devin moves on from Shelly and begins to fall in love with Carrie. He becomes extremely nervous around her, making her uncomfortable and causing problems for himself. 

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