Diesel's Hearth's Warming Tail is a film based on the MLP Episode A Hearth's Warming Tail.


When Diesel comes down with the holiday blues, Thomas tries to help by reading a Hearth's Warming story to him.


Christmas is here once again

The episode opens at Ulfstead Castle as engines, steamie and diesel, decorate the castle and the castle grounds for Christmas while singing a merry tune. Edward, Henry and Gordon oversee the delivery of decorations, Toby distributes baked goods to everyone, James makes decorative hats, and there is a general feeling of happiness all around. Thomas is excited for Diesel to celebrate his first Christmas Eve at Ulfstead. However, Diesel doesn't share his excitement and would rather skip the holiday. He considers the day no different from any other and "just an excuse for silly songs and fun".



  • Say Goodbye to the Holiday


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