Diesel's Super Surprising Sing-Along is a new movie.


When Diesel organizes his first ever Super Surprising Sing-Along, two Siren trains named Vinnie and Axel turn it into a Super Song Showdown so that they can get everyone in Equesodor and every other world to adore and them and do their bidding. Now, with the Rainbooms and Twilight under the two engines' spell, it's up to Sunset, Sci-Twi and their friends to stop these engines before they take their popularity too far.


Opening Scene: Magic Of Friendship

The film starts with Evil Ryan and his Pokemon brother, Mewtwo, who was reformed after seeing Ryan and Ash turn into stone, and pulls out a book to tell Pound and Pumpkin Cake a story about how Diesel, Ryan and the gang helped him beat Vinnie and reformed Axel the French Engine and as Evil Ryan starts to read, the pictures on the book comes to life. The tale starts at the train station where T


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