This is how Diesel's plan and I'm Full of Surprises goes in Crash's and Ryan's Adventures of Thomas and Friends: The Great Race.

Narrator: Meanwhile, at the Dieselworks, Diesel had a plan of his own.

Diesel: We've got to do everything we can, Paxton.

Paxton: Yes. I can see that, Diesel. But I still don't know what your plan is.

Diesel: My plan is to make you look like a truck. One of my trucks so that I look like I'm pulling a very, very heavy train all by myself. And if Sir Topham Hatt thinks that I'm stronger than Henry, he'll take me to the Great Railway Show instead of him. [laughs]

[Ryvine and some of his friends watch]

Rothbart: What did he say?

Ryvine Sparkle: He said that he would show the Fat Controller that Diesel is stronger then Henry to get into the Great Railway Show. Oh, shush. He's about to sing.

Diesel: I'm full of surprises~

Paxton: Are you singing, Diesel?

Diesel: They ought to say of me~

I bring some razzle dazzle to the yard~

[He disappears in a puff of green smoke and then reappears beside Den and Dart as he sings]

Diesel: I'm full of surprises~

As you can plainly see~

I don't find being surprising all that hard~

Paxton: I can't really see anything under here.

[Neon lights spelling "Dieselworks" come on as Diesel sings]

Diesel: I'm full of surprises~

They ought to say of me~

I'm full of surprises~

As you can plainly see~

I don't find being surprising all that hard~

[He disappears again and reappears very close to the camera]

Diesel: Some would probably say~

I'm only up to my old tricks~

But I'd say I'm a problem solver~

Looking for a nice quick fix~


I'm full of surprises~

They ought to say of me~

I bring some razzle dazzle to the rail~

I'm full of surprises~

As you can plainly see~

I'm trusting my surprises to prevail~

I hope this time my surprising does fail~

They used to call me devious~

Because I had a bit of previous~

But please, you must be delirious~

I'm not that bad~

[chuckles and honks at crow]

Well maybe just a tad~


[The other diesels start arguing and Ryvine and his friends feed off their negativity]

Ryvine Sparkle: You feel that, guys? Our true power is being restored.

[Rothbart and the Evil Twins laugh but Ryvine notions for them to be quiet]

Victor: What? Why is this pendant on my neck?

Ryvine Sparkle: I gave you them remember? Anyways, [clears throat] But that is before we have tapped into the strongest magic here.

Victor: You're just like making a mess, Ryvine.

Rothbart: But, Diesel is under our spell but how are we supposed to get to his magic?

Moritz: Maybe Diesel is crazy like a cuckoo, Rothbart. I think he needs something to give us more power. [gets smacked by Ryvine] Shutting up.

Ryvine Sparkle: [sighs in annoyance] Diesel is just as capable of getting himself into trouble as anyone else here. He just needs a little, how shall we say... push in the wrong direction. I suspect that by now everyone will be lining up to give him a shove.

[Then, Diesel saw the crates roll away]

Diesel: No! Wait! Come back here! Wait for me!

[Ryvine pulls out a photo of Odette]

Ryvine Sparkle: Soon, Odette. Soon.

Victor: Everything your father own.

Moritz: Everything your father love.

Rothbart: Will be mine.

[Ryvine looks at his friend, Rothbart]

Twivine Sparkle: Ryvine. How come you know about Odette?

Ryvine Sparkle: I remembered that when she and her brother are born.

Moritz: Who is her brother?

Rothbart: Human Rigby.

Victor: He's Odette's bro? Who is the chap with the glasses on?

Rothbart: That's Sci-Ryan.

Moritz: The one who goes to Crystal Prep? Why did you and Ryvine kidnap them?

Rothbart: You know why, stupid.

Victor: He's right. What's wrong with you? That Thunderwing is gone like Unicron. You think Odette loves you, Rothbart.

Rothbart: Yeah. Instead that Sci-Ryan told me that Derek loves her.

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