This is where Devious Diesel meets Shere Khan the tiger in Thomas and Twilight Read the Jungle Book (2010 TV Series).

Devious Diesel: Ugh! How long does it take to get out of a filthy, gross smelling, highly dangerous, wild animal filled jungle?

[He bumps into Shere Khan]

Shere Khan: Hey! Can't you see that I'm walking here?

Diesel: Ah! I've heard of you! You must be Shere Khan the tiger. The one that's after that acursed man-cub Mowgli.

Shere Khan: Indeed. And you are?

Diesel: Diesel! Devious Diesel to be exact.

Shere Khan: Well, then, Devious Diesel. What are you doing in tiger territory?

Diesel: Well, you see, I was trying to destory that annoying tank engine and Train-Prime Thomas and I somehow ended up here in this filthy jungle. I was just trying to find my way out until I ran into you.

Shere Khan: That explains everything. Well, you're just lucky I didn't slice you to pieces.

Diesel: Shere Khan, I highly respect what you're saying but I think I might be your only hope of getting rid of Mowgli.

Shere Khan: And how do you think that when I'm the only one who makes all the plans?

Diesel: Well, I have a very good plan. And its better than all of my previous plans combined.

[Diesel leads to the Man Trap]

Diesel: See? What did I tell you? Mowgli will never see you coming.

Shere Khan: Fascinating. But if I were you, I wouldn't take the plan too far. But what about that tank engine that you're after?

Diesel: Shere Khan, please try to understand. This trap is for him as well as Mowgli. They'll be along soon enough. Just see if they're not.

[They hear voices]

Diesel: Quick! We'd better hide! They're coming!

[Thomas, Baloo, Bagheera and Mowgli arrive]

Thomas: Bagheera, just where is this trap of yours?

Bagheera: It was here. No... Erm.... Over....

[Shere Khan and Diesel jump out]

Diesel and Shere Khan: Here!

[Baloo stumbles back, losing his glasses in the process]

Diesel: Oh, Baloo. Did we catch you at a bad time? Oh, so sorry.

[Baloo begins punching]

Diesel: Oh, we've waited so long for this moment.

Shere Khan: We?

Diesel: Yeah, we. We're both trying to get rid of our arch nemesises, remember?

Shere Khan: Yes, we are. Of course, you meant we.

[Baloo falls into the trap]

Diesel: [laughs] Caught you in a trap finally, Baloo.

Thomas: [whispering] Oh, no! What do we do now, Mowgli?

Mowgli: We go and get help while Shere Khan isn't looking.

Thomas: Where?

Mowgli: From Kaa of course.

Thomas: Right.

Bagheera: I know. But look who's with Shere Khan.

Percy: Got it.

Thomas: Devious Diesel. I might have known he was here.

Percy: Okay.

[Thomas, Percy and Mowgli head off. Bagheera stays behind to watch the two scyopaths]

Bagheera: I just hope they can reach Kaa in time.

James: I know.

Bagheera: James! How did you get here? I thought I told you to wait back at the tree with the others.

James: Sorry.

Bagheera: Anyway, how did you get here?

James: I don't know.

Bagheera: How could you not know? You must have an explaination.

James: You left tracks so I followed them.

Bagheera: A wonderful piece of information. Now get down before Shere Khan sees you.

James: Right.

[James kneels beside Bagheera. Meanwhile, Thomas, Percy and Mowgli after looking for Kaa]

Thomas: Hey, uh Kaa?

Kaa: [wakes up and hisses] What do you three want? Can't you see that I am trying to sleep?

Thomas: Well, we can see that you are trying to sleep but we desperately need your help.

Kaa: With what?

Thomas: You know, Sleep.

Percy: What my best friend means to say, Kaa, is that our friend Baloo the bear has fallen into a trap. A man trap. Diesel and Sheer Khan lured him into it and we need to get him out. So, will you help us?

Kaa: Okay sure.

Thomas: Thanks, Kaa. We can always count on you.

[In the undergrofe, Jetstorm and Slipstream the Mini-Cons Samurais are watching]

Jetstorm: Did you hear that, Slipstream?

Slipstream: Yeah, I hear it too.

Jetstorm: Mowgli said something about his bear friend.

Slipstream: And a trap made by humans.

Jetstorm: We had ought to have found James by now.

Slipstream: Come on. Bagheera said that it was near the waterfall.

Jetstorm: Well, let's go then.

[They run off. Meanwhile, Shere Khan and Diesel are waiting]

Diesel: So, are we waiting?

Shere Khan: Of course we are. By the time this is over, you'll have your prize and I'll have mine.

[A stone, thrown by Baloo, hits him on the head]

Thomas: Psst! Bagheera, we're back!

Bagheera: Finally! Did you find Kaa?

Thomas: Yes.

Percy: [notices James] James? What are you doing here?

James: Followed Bagheera's tracks.

Percy: Sure.

[Mowgli sees Jetstorm and Slipstream]

Jetstorm: Hello.

Mowgli: Jetstorm? What are you and Slipstream doing here?

Slipstream: We followed you.

Mowgli: Kaa says he's going to help us. But he can't do anything while Shere Khan and Diesel are near the trap.

Slipstream: Yeah, so?

Thomas: We have to get them away there.

Percy: We could.... Er... we could. Ugh! Thomas, have you got any ideas?

Thomas: Not at the moment. Wait a minute. Mowgli, what's Shere Khan most afraid of?

Mowgli: Humans?

Thomas: That's right.

Percy: No, even worse than humans. Something that you burned his tail with once.

Thomas: My bad.

Mowgli: Fire. Of course. [finds Baloo's glasses] These should help us light this branch.

Thomas: Sure thing.

[Mowgli lights an old branch]

Percy: Okay. Let's see if this works.

Mowgli: Don't worry. It will work. Come on. [runs towards Shere Khan]

Percy: Okay.

Thomas: Right.

[Elsewhere, Optimus Prime and the others follow Bagheera's tracks]

Optimus: Keep Following.

Yuna: James could be anywhere by now. Who knows where he went.

Optimus: Just keep searching.

Sci-Twi: [places Puppy Spike on the ground] Spike, see if you can pick up Bagheera's scent.

Spike: Got it!

[Puppy Spike starts sniffing the footprints]

Puppy Spike: [sniffs]

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