The Episode begins with Kimberly & Tart teaching some of her classmates how to dance at the juice bar. Kimberly & Tart realizes that she has a deaf girl, Melissa, in the dancing group. The girl runs out of the group because she cannot hear what Kimberly & Tart is saying. Before Kimberly & Tart can help, they has to save Billy, Bakumaru, Nyorori, Pochiro, Monk, who loses their footing while trying to dance and rolls around the juice bar. While Bulk fails miserably at a dance-off with Zack, Rita & Nyanma decides that music is the perfect way to conquer the Rangers. She & Nyanma summons Gnarly Gnome, a garden gnome with a magical accordion With The Help of The Time Shifter Musey He Uses The Music As A Weapon, and sends Them to Earth. Gnarly Gnome & Musey's music hypnotizes some of the girls from the dancing class, and they are lured to a cave. Thankfully, Melissa is unaffected by the spell as she is deaf. She rushes to tell Jason, Bakumaru & Monk, and leads them to the cave. Our Heroes & The Rangers and their Zords & Kirinda take on Gnarly Gnome and Musey-Con manage to defeat him & Make Musey In The Good Side Thanks To Bakumaru's Revealing Mirror. Melissa is hailed as a hero for helping, and rejoins the dancing class with new confidence.


Our Story Begins On Angel Grove's Youth Center

Kimberly: Three

Tart: And The Next Movement We Turn

Kimberly: And Continue

Tart: As Everybody Feeling


Kimberly: We Can't Hear You

Tart: We Still Can't Hear You

Billy, Bakumaru, Nyorori, Pochiro, Monk Falls On The Moving Table

Billy & The Others Scream

Nyorori: Help Stop This Crazy Thing Nyorori!

Monk: Now That's A Dance Move

Pochiro: Great Idea Genius And You Suppose That's A New Dance Move

Monk: SHUT UP!

Bakumaru: Stop Arguing And We're Going To THE LOCKERS!

Nyorori, Pochiro, Monk: THE LOCKERS!

Begins To Scream

And Crashes The Lockers

Bakumaru: That Will Really Hurt Me In The Next Morning


Falls In The Wall

Dave Felis: Man! What That Will Leave A Mark

Bakumaru: OUCH !

Kimberly: Billy, Guys Let Us Tell You A Little Secret

Tart: This Is Not The Way To Meet Girls

Bakumaru: Man! That Attitude Of Yours Will Never Change


Bakumaru Punches Monk's Head

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Nyanma: Oh I Hate That Kid Music

Rita: Music! Oh All Right We're Gonna Get Pooh And His Friends And Those Power Geeks With Music

Meanwhile On The Youth Center

Billy And The Others Go Hurt

Cream: Oh Guys What Happen Have You All Right

Bakumaru: Believe Me The Next Dance Will Be In A Hospital

Zack: The Brain Man & Co. What's Up

Billy Begins To Speak On Cientifical Language

Zack: Say What

Bakumaru: He Can't Dance

Billy: Precisley

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Squatt: Music To Get Pooh And His Friends And The Power Rangers

Jyuken: Sounds A Bit Risky

Rita: Finster

Nyanma: Oh Rouran

Finster: Yes Oh Nasty Ones

Finster: We're making a wonderful monster that eats cars and smells like a fish

Rita: Nevermind That Make Us A Musical Monster And Send A Time Shifter That Hypnotize Pooh And His Friends & The Power Rangers And Bring Them To Their Niece Like The Pied Piper Of Hamelin Only Meaner

Rouran: Oh My Queens That Idea It's Absolute Brilliant

Finster: In Fact Musical Monsters & Time Shifters Are Very Reliable

Rouran: Don't You Like A Firebreathing Hedgehog Instead


Rouran: Oh Boy!

Nyanma: Either Get Our Monster And The Shifter We Turn You Into Civilian Slugs

Meanwhile In Angel Grove's Youth Center

Tart: Okay Guys We Turn It With One Last Song And That's All

Girl: I'm Sorry

Kimberly: All Right Guys Lets Begin

Kimberly: And Left


Tart: And Right


Bulk & Skull Appears

Bulk: Look Out All The Rapper Ballerinas

Skull: They Don't Even Ballerina It's Too Easy

Zack: You Think So Huh

Zack: We Like To See You Try

Bulk: One, Two, THREE!

Bulk Kicks Jason & Bakumaru's Chairs

Jason: Hey

Bakumaru: When I Get My Hands On You!

Zack: Easy Bakumaru Calm Down

Zack: You Think You Can Beat With Those Steps

Dave Felis: Even For A Pro.

Zack: But You Can Get With These

Zack Begins To Dance

Everyone Cheers

Bulk: No Problem

Bulk Makes The 2nd Step

Everyone Laughs

Cream: Where You Learn That Step In A Mime's School

Zack: Here You Go Bulk

Zack Begins To Spin

Everyone Cheers Again

Drago: Good Going Zack Yes!

Bulk: Piece Of Cake

Bulk Begins To Spin Instead Rip His Pants

Skull Laughs

Tart: Nice Pants!

Everyone Laughs Again

Bulk: Come Here

Skull Holds Bulk

Everyone Laughs

Zack: Check This Out

Zack: Let's Have Some Fun!

Begins To Flip The Table

Everyone Cheers

Tigger: Hey Not Bad

Bulk: Piece Of Cake

Bulk Begins To Fall Over The Kitchen

Everyone Begins To Laugh

Bulk's Made A Mess

Bakumaru: All Hail To The King Of The Garbage!

Everyone Laughs

Drago: You Can Have It We Are Wasn't Hungry Anyway

Kimberly: Great That Was A Great Class

Everyone Cheers

Zack: Come On We're Gonna Miss The Movie

Bulk: And You Better Go Faster Nobody Tricks Me

Bakumaru: Really Look's Like Somebody Did

Everyone Laughs

Tart: See You Later Dorkheads!

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Rita: Well You Have Our Monster & The Shifter Yet

Nyanma: The Wait Is Ruining Our Natural Beauty

Rouran: Yes We Call It The Gnarly Gnome And The Time Shifter Musey The Gnome It's A Wonderful Creature That Plays A Hipnotic Accordeon & For Musey Plays His Music To Turn Into A Deadly Weapon

Finster: The Plan It's Hipnotize Some Girls And Get Them

Rouran: And When Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers. Come To The Rescue They Uses Their Music To Get In Your Power

Nyanma: Okay Let's Get Them

Finster & Rouran Activates The Monstermatic

Rita: This Time It Better Work Gentlemen!

The Gnarly Gnome & Musey Appears To Earth

Musey: Well What A Trip

Gnarly Gnome: Now I Gotta Work In This Thing I Warm It Up Meanwhile Wait Your Signal

Musey: You Got It

Girl: Would You Like To Go To The Mall They Have A Big Sale

Girl: Hey Girls Come On

Girl: Goodbye Ernie

Ernie: See You Later I'L Catch You Later

Girl nº2: Mind If We Stop To Go Home First

Girl nº2: I Gotta Tell My Mom

Musey: NOW!

The Gnarly Gnome Begins To Use His Accordeon To Hipnotize The Girls

Musey: Oh Jackpot!

Gnarly Gnome: Come With Us My Little Pretties Rita & Nyanma Wants To Play

Musey: You Heard him

Musey: Come On You Can Resist Neither For Winnie The Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers

Gnarly Gnome: Once Pooh And His Friends & The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers. Hear Our Magic Melody

Gnarly Gnome: They Will Be Outfully On Our Power

Gnarly Gnome: So Come On My Pretties Come To Dance And See Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers Fate

Evil Laughs

Musey: Follow Us, Follow Us Rita & Nyanma's Waiting

Meanwhile In The Youth Center

Jason: She Want's To Tell Us Something

Bakumaru: Do You Understand Monk?

Monk: Signs No

Jason: What What

Melissa Signs With A Paper

Bakumaru: Help My Friends Are In Danger of A Viking Monster With A Walking Musical Tune That Talks?

Monk Gasps

Monk (Whispers): That's Must Be The Work Of One Of The Time Shifters Musey

Bakumaru (Whispers): A Musical Time Shifter Now That's Strange

Jason: Come On We're Going To Help Your Friends

Meanwhile In The Cave

The Gnarly Gnome & Musey Begins To Play Music

Gnarly Gnome: Dance Everyone

Gnarly Gnome: We're Going To Celebrate Our Outcoming Victory

Gnarly Gnome: Dance For Us My Beauties You Will Soon Dance For Our Empreses Rita & Nyanma Soon That We Take Care Of Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers

Musey: Food Bring Us Food We're Grow Hungry

Baboo: He Get's A Big Bossey Is It

Baboo: I Hope This Plan Works

Jyuken: Forget About The Plan Baboo Those Guys Are Really Making A Good Party

Musey: Dance With Girls Putties We Want To See A Show

Gnarly Gnome: Dance With The Putties For Now But Soon You Will Be Dancing With Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers.


Musey: Hey Where's The Food

Baboo: It's Cooking Just Back Off Losers

Gnarly & Musey Laughs

Baboo: Just Let Us Add The Secret Ingredient

Baboo: And Presto

Jyuken: Gee I'm So Hungry That I Want To Eat A Sardine

Squatt: Hey That's Not Bad Idea I Was Holding For A Special Occasion But Too Bad

Squatt & Jyuken Eats The Sardine & The Bug

Musey: Oh Yeah Now That's Better

Gnarly Gnome: Now It's The Time For A Snooze

They Begin To Sleep

Rita: They Should Be Ready

Nyanma: Rita Look

They Watches In The Telescope

Nyanma: There's The Hostages But Where's Everybody Sleeping On The Job We Suppose

Rita: I Just That We Hate Those Pinheads!

Wakes Up Everybody

Rita: Who Calls To Rest Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers Will Be Here Any Minute And You Are Not Ready Dumbells

Nyanma: We Like To Turn You All Into Jumping Snails

Nyanma: Get To Work NOW IDIOTS!

Gnarly Gnome Dissappears And Let's His Footprints On The Ground

Baboo: Wait A Minute You Are Not Going Away That Easy

Musey: Yeah Yeah Easy Calm Down We Have Under Control

Musey: Yeah We Smell Pooh And Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers Coming

Gnarly Gnome: But Some One Let Tie My Shoes

Jyuken: What They Are All Yours We Get Out Of Here So Long

Meanwhile In The Cave Entrance

Pooh: They Are In There

Rabbit: Okay Mellisa I Want You To Hide Here In Those Bushes Right

Rabbit: Run

Bakumaru: Jason Now

Jason: All Right Guys It's Morphin Time

The MMPR Logo Appears

Zack: Mastodon

Kimberly: Pterodactyl

Billy: Triceratops

Trini: Saber Toothed Tiger

Jason: Tyrannosaurus

All: Power Rangers

Bakumaru And Friends: The Twelve Warriors Bakuretsu ETO Rangers.

Gnarly Gnome Appears

Gnarly Gnome: Now Musey Begin To Shapeshift

Musey: Prepare To Recieve The Final Tune Power Rangers

Musey: Musey Shapeshift To Musey-Con

Dave Felis: Oh Great A Toad With Organ Pipes

Dave Felis: Really I Hate Toads

Bakumaru: Just Stay Focused

Bakumaru Activates His Saber

They Begin To Attack

Bakumaru Uses His Saber To Slash The Gnome

Bakumaru: All Right You Pair Of Uglies Release The Girls

Musey-Con: In Your Dreams You Mouse

Pakaracchi: Horseshoe Boomerang!

Pakaracchi Uses His Horseshoe Boomerang To Launch Over Musey-Con

And They Begin To Attack

Jason: Block Them Off

They Begin To Form The Power Blaster

Zack: Cosmic Cannon

Kimberly: Battle Bow

Trini: Dino Daggers

Billy: Mighty Maze

Jason: Power Sword

Jason: Power Blaster

They Shoot On Gnarly Gnome And Turns Him Into A Bunch Of Rocks

Musey-Con: Gnarly

Bakumaru: Now Here Goes Your Worst Critic

Rita: You Think You Can Beat Them

Nyanma: You'll See About That

Rita & Nyanma Launches The Magic Wand To The Gnarly Gnome & Musey Con To Grow

Jason: I Call Upon It The Power Of The Mighty Dinozords

Bakumaru: Enter Kirinda!

The ETO Badges Releases The Beams To Call The Zords & Kirinda

Jason: Let's Do It

All: Right


Jason: Rangers Log On

Zack: Zack Here All Systems Go

Billy: Billy Here Binominal

Trini: Trini Here Ready To Rock

Kimberly: I Just Love This Part

Jason: Let's Show Them Some Megazord Power

Jason Holds His Power Coin And Turn It Into A Crystal

Jason: Power Up Your Crystals We're Going Tank Mode

All: Power Up

Jason: Right Synca

All: Two, One Power UP

Jason: All Right After The Rescue Coming Up

Bakumaru: Bakuretsu ETO Rangers! FORWARD

They Begin To Form Megazord Tank Mode

The Gnarly Gnome Starts To Attack

Jason: Switching To Battle Mode Now

Voice: Megazord Sequence Has Been Initiaded

The Megazord Is Complete

Voice: Megazord Activated

The Fight Begins

Musey-Con: Listen Into Our Music Fall Into Our Power

The Gnarly Gnome And Musey-Con Begins To Torment With The Accordeon & His Organ

All Screams

They Begin To Attack

Jason: Okay Power Up The Power Sword

All: Strike Three You Are Out

The Power Sword Strikes

Bakumaru: And Now Time For The Grand Finale

Bakumaru: Jyarei Reveal

And The Revealing Mirror Shoots His Laser To Revert The Effects Of Nyanma's Head Stamp On Musey And Now Is Erased

The Gnarly Gnome Explodes

Jason: All Right Guys Let's Get The Girls Out Of The Cave And Get Them Home

Girl: You Should Seen Pooh And The Others With The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers Kimberly They Were Incredible

Kimberly: Mellisa Call For Help An Ugly Monster And A Talking Musical Tune Hipnotized Them And You Are In The Cave

Zack: So Like Without Pooh And His Friends And The ETO Rangers And The Power Rangers.

Girl: We Are Trapped Here Forever

Girl Hugs Mellisa

Meanwhile In Rita's Moon Palace

Nyanma: Why We Can Trust You Imbeciles

Rita: The Fault Is Yours

Nyanma: And Yours Too The Champion Of Bozos

Rita: Why Do We Back Here They Are Driving Us NUTS!

Meanwhile In The Youth Center

Billy: What Is She Saying

Kimberly: Wants To You 3 To Dance

Bakumaru: Us

Billy: No

Cream: Nervous

Bakumaru Blushes

Dave In The Shower

Dave: I'm Not Going Anywhere Until I Get Rid Of These Toad Germs

Tart: He Didn't Touch Musey

Bakumaru & Tart: Coward

Then They Begin To Dance

Jason: You Know Zack What You Did Silent Its Really Interesting

Zack: Yeah It's A Whole New World Of Rapper Behind In All Posibilty

Kimberly: This Is What's Happen Later Just Saved Their Friends And Now

Billy Begins To Make A Spin Dance

Tart: She's A Miracle Worker

Everyone Laughs

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