Digit is a cyboid who works for Motherboard and is the kids' best friend. He and the kids protect Cyberspace and Motherboard from Hacker. Digit was created by Hacker and worked for him for a long time, along with Buzz and Delete. He escaped after learning of Hacker's evil doings. He became one of Motherboard's helpers, serving as Dr. Marbles' assistant. He would later join the Cybersquad. Digit can fly by spinning his tail feathers in a helicopter-fashion, or simply by flapping his wings(There are a few episodes where it shows Digit flying with his wings). But he has a fear of heights and prefers to walk, despite the fact that he can fly. If someone has a problem, he can fix it by saying, "Never fear, the Didge is here." He also says "bada-bing bada-boom!" whenever he just comes in from a portal. He's a cook and wrote his two popular cookbooks 'The Cyber Chef' and 'Cookin' with the Didge'. He carries many objects in his chest, including Widget. He used to try building virtual nests and didn't have such accurate practice. He can turn his beak into just about anything, and bends it on usual occasion. In 107, he doesn't appear. He also can disguise his voice very well.


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