Dingo is the son of Balto and Jenna, he is the lead dog of his own sled team. Dingo has made few combos with his brothers and sisters in Wolf Quest and is one of the puppies that got adopted. Unlike Aleu, he and all of the other pups have no knowledge of their wolf ancestry.


Mostly cocky, proud, sometimes gets rude and selfish, loves flirting and is very protective over his family even if they don't always get along. He gets angered or upset easily when taunted or not getting his own way.


Dingo was the first to get adopted. He grew up with a human family who lives near Rosy's house. Dingo used to be close to Aleu as pups before they got adopted so he often missed playing with her but moved on with his life. He is now a leader of his own dog sled team who races . Kodi gets jealous from Dingo being a lead dog,so they barely hang out much anymore but Dingo loves his owners who take very good care of him. He maybe one of the greatest lead dog champions ever . But after he wins alot of races againts other dogs, Dingo tends to flirt and try to make a move on pretty, female dogs, and evenutally gets a mate in the future.

Dingo gets along with his owners and most of his siblings exccept for Kodi. Kodi gets really jealous of how he acts and is faster than he is with his talent of running.Dingo gets along with Jenna more than Balto because Kodi goes to Balto for his problems from jealousy. Eventually Dingo helped save Kodi's life one day while going on his usual mail run when a huge blizzard came and nearly whipped the tracks of the trail and made the dogs blind of snow. After Dingo helped saved Kodi, they gave up on being rivals and made up as brothers.

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